Issue # 3: 'Mew'sings, Muttisms & Moore... July 2009
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PHEW! Stinky Quiz
How well do you "nose" pet odors? Test your talents by taking this quiz. 
Which breed is most likely to have ears that smell like dirty socks?
  1. Bulldog
  2. Cocker Spaniel
  3. Corgi
  4. Scooby Doo
The culprit behind doggy breath may be:
  1. Kidney failure
  2. Diabetes
  3. Infected gums
  4. All of the above
Click HERE for the rest of the quiz
Updates from June's Newsletter Quiz
America's #1 Dog-Friendly Company: PetsMart
Thanks for paw-ticipating in June's Quiz!
  June's winner: Linda Mohr, who received an autographed copy of Happy Cat, Happy You
July Event
Arden - Featured speaker at
10th annual
Pets on Parade July 19
Doral Resort in Cathedral City, CA
Dog Days of Summer:
Party Fur-ever!

At the heart of any great dog party - besides tasty treats - are the games. Snoopy Says is a popular game. The rules are simple:
  • People-dog teams must comply with your command whenever you say, "Snoopy says." For example, "Snoopy says sit your dog." People must get their dogs to sit within 5 seconds.
  • Teams are disqualified when they do a command that is not preceded by "Snoopy says" phrase or fail to perform the "Snoopy says" command.
  • Sample commands, including "Snoopy says have your dog roll over" or "Snoopy says walk your dog clockwise."
  • The winning team is the one that heeds all "Snoopy says" commands.
Other cool games include Dunk for Hot Dogs, Canine Will Power and Canine Musical Chairs. Make sure your dog party includes healthy treats for the two- and four-legged guests. Check ahead to see if any guests has allergies to certain foods.

Dog parties bring out the true party animal inside you and reinforce good doggy manners.

Got a cool dog party game or story to share? Email Arden now.

The top two people who submit creative ideas or fun dog party stories will receive autographed copies of Arden's Dog Parties book. See results next month!

Pampering your dog at a canine salon: $75. Bathing your dog at a self-wash place: $12. Your dog creating her own perfume by rolling on a dead fish: priceless.

newheader  Any cat worth his nine lives knows the best time and location to deliver a hairball gift is in the middle of the night in their favorite person's direct path to the bathroom.

The expression, "working like a dog" takes a relaxed meaning in the 21st Century: five daily naps, free housing and plenty of chow. Hmmm...I wish I could work like a dog, don't you?

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Dolly Dog & Henry the Cat

Each newsletter, Arden shines the spotlight on a "top dog" or "cool cat" in the pet world. This month, we give paws up to Dolly Dog and Henry the Cat, a pair of celebrity pets from La Jolla, CA and their pet parent, Cathy Conheim. Proceeds from their three books, Henry's World, What's the Matter with Henry? and What About Me? benefit thousands of people and pets in need all over the world. The pages are filled with healing messages paw excellent. Tune in to Arden's Oh Behave! Show on Pet Life Radio (episodes #73 and #5) to hear their amazing stories. Learn more about Dolly by visiting and about Henry by visiting

Henry and Cathy

Catch the latest adventures of "Chip Ahoy" and "Salty Dog" as they romp on Dog Beach USA in Huntington Beach, CA. Keep your dog safe this summer by heeding these water tips:
  • Fit your dog with a canine life vest.
  • Avoid bodies of water with strong currents.
  • Rinse your dog off in clean water after each swim outing. Arden offers water safety advice on Click HERE
Watch this video of Dog Beach USA
Dogs can enjoy plenty of fun on land, too.

     Surf's Up in Huntington Beach with Chips Ahoy & Salty Dog

Now, Watch the TURF Video
Grass play! Chipper and Cleo romp in the artificial turf in my back yard.

                    Arden's Yard Before                   Arden's Yard After

Thanks, Pregra and Fresh-In!

Famous canine celebrities Chipper and Cleo demonstrate how to have a grrr-eat time in the backyard featuring Pregra, synthetic turf. No lawnmower. No weeds. Just lots of clean play time for you and your pets. Fresh-In keeps the lawn free of doggy odors.
Click HERE to learn more.
Today ShowCBSArden Moore in the News July 2009 Telecasts!
Arden shares pet travel tips for Pet Airways on NBC's The Today Show.

Arden helps with the first flight of Pet Airways on CBS-TV 
Arden is Unleashed on America! For "Mutts" More on Moore:
                                                                                                       Paws Up!

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