Issue # 2: 'Mew'sings, Muttisms & Moore... June 2009

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Work Like With a Dog!
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10th annual Take Your Dog To Work Day
On June 26!


10 Reasons Dogs Make Grr-eat Co-workers:
1.The squirrels in the neighborhood deserve a break.
2. Wagging tails work great when the A/C is on the fritz.
Discover 8 more reasons by clicking HERE.
Presidential Pup Poll Results!
37.5% of voters thought in his first 100 days, Bo's behavior would rank:
B. Good - He aces housetraining and basic obedience commands.
Thanks for paw-ticipating in this poll!
Last Month's Winner
Paws and Applause to Dawn Celapino!
Quick Quiz
Name America's #1 dog-friendly company. Reply HERE
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In This Economy...Bite Back!
Arden Unleashes Time & Money-Saving Tips


Stretch your budget AND pamper your pet by:
  • Keeping a doggy toy bin and rotating 3-4 toys each week rather than buying new ones.
  • Creating a catnip-filled toy by filling an orphaned cotton sock with this dried herb and knotting it.
  • Adding leftover steamed green beans or carrots to your dog's chow to make him feel full on less kibble.
  • Giving your cat a quick grooming by running your slightly damp hand gently against the direction of her coat to remove dead hairs. Works better than combing!
Got a priceless or timeless tip you wish to share?
Submit HERE. Arden will autograph copies of  Happy Dog, Happy You and Happy Cat, Happy You to the winning dog and cat entry. See results next month!
  Dogs sport their own brand of bathroom humor. That explains why they tend to make "deposits" at dog parks at the farthest distance from you and a trash can. Thanks, Chipper - again.

newheader  I confess - I have feline envy. Age bestows wrinkles on people and grey muzzles on dogs. Yet, cats maintain an ageless look. If only my car's GPS could direct me to this feline fountain of youth.

You know your life has truly (and happily) gone to the dogs when you spend more time at yappy hours than happy hours. Hey bartender, another bowl of cool water, please - and hold the ice.

Check out Betsy Rosenfeld's new book, The Complete Single's Guide to Being a Dog Owner. Click HERE to learn more about Betsy, or tune in to OH BEHAVE! and hear her live.
 Get Your Licks on Route 66 Adoption Tour

FIDO Friendly magazine and North Shore Animal League America are teaming up with animal shelters to find great homes for shelter cats and dogs this summer. For details and daily blogs, visit And, check out these fun videos:
ChipperChipper at the mike - woof! WATCH NOW

ChipperTour kicks off! WATCH NOW

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Betty White - Actress & Animal Advocate

Each newsletter, Arden shines the spotlight on a "top dog" or "cool cat" in the pet world. This issue, we give paws up to this ageless golden girl. Thanks for being a friend (to pets)! Click here to tune into Betty's guest appearance on Arden's radio show, OH BEHAVE! on Pet Life Radio.

And catch Betty White's new film ...The Proposal (starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds)

Betty White
Grrrr-eat Gossip! Arden featured in The National Enquirer. Intrigued?
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Arden Is Unleashed on America! For "Mutts" More on Moore:
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