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April 2012
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Greetings from Kali
OLLIs -- Toot Your Horns!
Do you have a Facebook page?
Save the Date for OLLI 2012 National Conference
Go Ahead Tours
OLLI at FSU Awarded Endowment
OLLI at Stonybrook U Receives People of the Year Award
OLLI at U of Washington Initiates Lunch and Learn Program
OLLI at Auburn U Receives Chamber of Commerce Aware
Art Fair and Plant Swap at OLLI at UGA
OLLI at OU Partners with World Literature Today
WANTED: People With Science Hobbies
My Neighborhood Forest Photo Contest
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Greetings from Kali 

It is hard to believe that we are more than halfway through April already! The Spring semester is almost over on campus, and there are flowers even here in the north country, though in truth, Portland is in Southern Maine. Our newsletter this month includes information from the National Resource Center, news from around the OLLI network, and a new "Jottings" section at the end.

OLLIs -- Toot Your Horns!
Guinea pig wearing hat, and tooting a mini French horn
We have revamped the NRC newsletter to include articles from OLLIs around the network! We are looking for those special happenings or news items that you are particularly proud of and know others in the network will also be excited and inspired by when they hear about it. Please note -- We don't expect you to send something every month by any means, but keep the network newsletter in mind as a place to "Toot your Horn!" when good things happen.

We want to invite you to take the opportunity of sharing your special institute news items with the whole network. We are happy to reprint one of your own newsletter stories  -- we will just provide a bigger audience.

If you have a story to share, please send (with photos if possible) to Fran or Anne at the National Resource Center.

What is your opinion?
Do you have a Facebook page?  

To respond to this month's poll, click on the image below.

Here are the results from last month's question

"Do you use an e-reader?"

7% of respondents said "I am thinking of getting an e-reader."
3% replied "I own an e-reader but I am not impressed."
63% report "I love my e-reader."
22% say "I love books too much to ever use an e-reader."


Save the Date for OLLI 2012 National Conference 

The Broadmoor

The 2012 OLLI National Conference will be held November 12-14 at The Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The Bernard Osher Foundation is pleased to extend an invitation to the OLLI National Conference to two representatives from each OLLI. If you have any questions about the 2012 OLLI National Conference, please do not hesitate to contact Fran Myers by email or by phone at 207-228-8256.
Go-Ahead Tours

Illustration of couple onboard cruise shipWe are occasionally asked by OLLIs for recommendations of travel companies.The Trips and Travel section of the National Resource Center's website contains links to a number of travel companies that we know are reputable and have some experience with groups of older adults, either because they have worked successfully with OLLI groups in the past, or Kali worked with them in her previous job at Road Scholar (Elderhostel). We have added Go Ahead Tours to our list this month, recommended by Dr. Peter Cohen at the OLLI at Clemson University.
Jennifer Zilioli at Go Ahead is the person to contact for more information about their services. Or you can visit the group tours website.

OLLI at FSU Awarded Endowment from The Bernard Osher Foundation

thumbs up illustration"OLLI at FSU's accomplishments in the past year have been simply stunning," Florida State President Eric J. Barron said recently. "In the past 12 months, OLLI at FSU has doubled its membership, greatly expanded its course offerings to historic levels, and now has received this $1 million endowment from the Bernard Osher Foundation. The emphasis on lifelong learning and students in this age group could be a perfect fit with the university's broad emphasis on one of our potential campus-wide 'Big Ideas' -- an institute that focuses on successful longevity."

"Osher Foundation funding will allow an already flourishing program, which serves hundreds of area residents, to build on its success," said John Reynolds, director of the Pepper Institute on Aging and Public Policy, which supports and administers OLLI at FSU. Read more . . .

- submitted by Fran Conaway, member, OLLI at Florida State University

OLLI at Stonybrook University Receives People of the Year Award
OLLI at Stonybrook U presented with Village Times People of the Year Award
L to R: OLLI President Fred Friedman; OLLI DIrector Janet McLean, Village Times publisher
Leah Dunaief, and OLLI President-elect Arnie Katz.

The OLLI at Stonybrook University was selected by the local newspaper, the Village Times Herald, to receive its "People of the Year" award. Readers nominate people and organizations in the categories of art, business, education, neighbors, research, religion, sports and volunteers. Stonybrook's lifelong learning program also won the award in 2003 -- 500 members ago! It was gratifying to know that so many in the community are so appreciative of OLLI.

- submitted by Janet McLean, Director, OLLI at Stonybrook University

OLLI at University of Washington Adds Lunch and Learn Program      

Helen teaching an OLLI at UW lunch and learn session.
The author teaching a Lunch and Learn session at OLLI at UW

In September, 2011 the OLLI at the University of Washington began its first Lunch and Learn activity.This is an enjoyable, stimulating, cultural addition to the academic program. It combines a relaxed dining experience with an informal learning component provided primarily by recognized community experts, not necessarily UW faculty.

Once a month during the regular academic year OLLI members bring their lunch at noon and gather informally for approximately 30 minutes at our regular classroom. A well-respected community expert then gives a topical presentation for 30-45 minutes, followed by a 30 minute discussion period.Read more . . .

- by Helen Oppenheim, member of the OLLI at University of Washington (and founder of the Lunch and Learn Program there!)

OLLI at Auburn University Receives Chamber of Commerce Award
OLLI at Auburn U receives Chamber of Commerce Award
Pictured from left to right are, seated, Diane English, OLLI president, and Mary Burkhart, founder and director of OLLI; standing, Bill Hutto, 2011 Chamber of Commerce President, Bobby Donald, OLLI treasurer, Richard Robinson, OLLI vice president, Linda Shook, OLLI coordinator, and Alice Chambliss, OLLI secretary.
The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Auburn University recently was recognized by the Auburn Chamber of Commerce at the Chamber's annual meeting held on the campus of Auburn University. During the award ceremony OLLI at Auburn was awarded the Eagle Award for the organization's civic contributions and educational opportunities for the community. 

- submitted by Linda Shook, Coordinator of the OLLI at Auburn University

Friday the 13th is a Lucky Day for UGA Art Fair and Plant Swap
UGA OLLI Art Show planners
OLLI at UGA artists met with Joanne Roth and Jeani Goodwin to plan the Art Fair. Front row L to R: John Weber, Margaret Agner, Cam Bridges, Jeani. Back row: Elizabeth Barton, Joanne, Chip McDonald.
Friday, April 13 was the date for the OLLI at the University of Georgia's First Annual Art Fair, which member Joanne Roth, who initiated the idea, whimsically called "Drawing More Than Flies." At the same time and location there was a "Need More Plants - Garden Plant Swap." OLLI members were invited to participate in these free events as artists/craftspersons or as gardeners. The events were also open to the public to come, view the displays, meet the artists and gardeners, and enjoy some delicious refreshments. Member Jeani Goodwin volunteered with Joanne to organize both events.

Artists displayed their works, and sold them if they chose. The show included work by "undiscovered" novices as well as by established artists. Joanne says, "This was so that everyone who had not participated in an art fair before was able to add the new life experience of displaying and/or selling their work, and seeing exactly how it works." Read more . . .

- submitted by Katy Crapo, Program Coordinator, OLLI at University of Georgia

OLLI at the University of Oklahoma Partners With World Literature Today
World Literature Today cover Starting this fall, the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at The University of Oklahoma will provide all of its members with a complimentary subscription to the award-winning international magazine World Literature Today. WLT began publishing in 1927 and is internationally renowned for its coverage of events in virtually every language and literature area in the world. The recipient of a dozen publishing and design awards over the last five years, WLT is one of the most honored magazines anywhere. It will be mailed to members of the OLLI at OU every two months as a benefit of membership, or members may elect to receive the iPad or smartphone version instead. The collaboration between WLT and OLLI at OU is a natural one. WLT is an incredible publication, and our members are excited about receiving it.

In addition, this fall the World Literature Today office on The University of Oklahoma campus will begin inviting OU OLLI members to its cultural events. WLT sponsors a literary festival every semester, which includes talks by Nobel Prize winning authors and other internationally prominent writers and scholars. On occasion, WLT also sponsors plays, concerts, and various cultural events that OLLI members will be encouraged to attend -- all free of charge.

WLT executive director Dr. R.C. Davis-Undiano invites other OLLIs to partner with WLT to provide this prestigious magazine to its members. WLT is willing to provide WLT to all of the members of any OLLI organization for the minimum cost of producing the magazine. Read more . . .

- submitted by Chris D. Elliott, Director, OLLI at the University of Oklahoma. Chris can be reached at (405) 325-3488, or by email.

WANTED: People With Science Hobbies
Illustration of test tubes
A research group at North Carolina State University has an NSF grant to study characteristics and educational experiences of people who are active in science hobbies and citizen science. More and more people are engaging in science hobbies and schools and science centers would like to know more about how organizations might better support hobbyists' networking and education to be a wonderful asset to communities and support for science across the country. Please share with your OLLI members this opportunity to participate in the research survey about their (and your) science interests and background.  

Participation is voluntary and information shared will be anonymous. All survey participants will be put in a drawing for a $100 gift card. You may go online to sign up.If you have questions, contact Vanessa Stevens at North Carolina State University.


My Neighborhood Forest Photo Contest
photo of forest with sun shining through trees
If you have a photography class or special interest group you might let them know that the US Forest Service has launched a My Neighborhood Forest photo contest celebrating America's urban and community forests. The Grand Prize winner will receive $200 in outdoor gear.

The contest runs from April 11 - July 22 to highlight the natural beauty that spring and summer bring to U.S. neighborhoods, communities and cities, as well as the crucial role of trees in the places we call home. Those interested in competing should visit the contest website for more details on the prizes and contest rules.


Jottings heading
News From Here and There . . .
From Kali: When I was a kid, the back page of our hometown newspaper - The Kalamazoo Gazette - was devoted to "Jottings," little one or two line items of interest that didn't really need to take up space in the main news pages. So this month we are inaugurating a "Jottings" section for brief announcements or useful website URLs or whatever doesn't really rate a paragraph in the newsletter, but might be of interest to some or all of you. Off we go:

One of the fun things we received this month was a link to a Voice of America video about OLLI recorded in Urdu. The OLLI at American University is featured.

The Northwest Earth Institute has a new two session discussion course book, "Powering A Bright Future." Cost = $10.

The University of York (UK) Simon Fraser University (Canada) and other UK and Aussie partners are conducting an on-line international survey of attitudes of people age 55+ to the environment. They would like  more US representation and asked if OLLIs might promote the survey to members. The
results will be published before the Rio Earth Summit in June 2012. The Survey is open until April 30, 2012.

May is Older Americans Month. The 2012 theme is "Never Too Old to Play!"

The National Museum of American Jewish History (Philadelphia) sent a message letting us know about their group visit/tour opportunities at the Museum. A group is 15 or more people.