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The Freehold Forum  Fall Quarter 2012
Board of Directors

Hello Freehold Community,


What a great summer we had!  We began the summer with our Engaged Theatre Tour of King Lear which we were privileged to share with our amazing partner organizations and our larger community.  We ended the summer with attending the Mayor's Arts Award ceremony and receiving an award along with 9 other recipients. It was great to see so many of you at our events this past summer.  Thank you for your support.


Our eyes are fixed firmly on the upcoming fall and our fall classes.  We hope you'll join us at our Fall Open House and sample some of our classes for free (RSVP appreciated, more info below). 


Here's wishing you all a fantastic fall ...



Kate Gavigan

PR Manager, Freehold

Christine Marie Brown From Our Lab: "Unknown Endings" by Christine Marie Brown 


Going into the King Lear process I was excited, curious and a little hesitant about performing at Monroe Correctional Complex for Men as part of Freehold's Engaged Theatre Tour. How would we be received? Would they enjoy the play? Would I feel safe?  

Rebecca Tourino Photo From Our Studio: "Incremental Progress" by Rebecca Tourino


What gets in the way of your writing? Is it a creative block? TV? A day job? A smartphone? On stage, obstacles to progress are what make drama dramatic; at the desk, they're what make writers curse. There's always something in the way.

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AlyssaKeene From Our Studio: "Rediscovering the Bard" by Alyssa Keene    


Signing up for a Shakespeare Intensive seemed exciting, slightly impetuous, and a bit daunting. After 13 years of acting on Fringe and LORT stages and everything in between, I had only been in one Shakespeare play... as a tiny blue kabuki cowboy singing Sons of the Pioneers songs.  I hadn't had any verse on my lips in a long time.                                            

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Robin Lynn Smith Freehold Awarded A Mayor's Arts Award

Freehold was honored to be awarded a 2012 Mayor's Arts Award. To mark the 10th anniversary of the Mayor's Arts Awards, 10 recipients were honored this year. Here are some pictures and a video link from the Mayor's Arts Award ceremony:



Freehold's Fall Open House -Thurs, Sept. 13, 6:00-8:00 pm, Free-RSVP
Freehold Faculty Upcoming Shows
Freehold's Aloud Residency 
We are beginning our Aloud residency at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center on September 20th, an after school theatre residency in partnership with Southwest Youth and Family Services and Seattle Youth Violence Prevention initiative.
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