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The Freehold Forum  Winter Quarter 2011-2012
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Hello TPS Community,


We're looking forward to this month with great anticipation. We have a great array of Winter Quarter classes starting in 2012 (with registration open now!).    


Here are our e-newsletter highlights: 


*Freehold Associate Partner and Faculty Member Daemond Arrindell shares what he has learned working with teenagers in our Engaged Theatre residency 

*Interview with new Freehold Faculty Member Paul Budraitis whose background includes extensive work as an actor, director, and solo performer  

*Sharon Williams' reflects on how Freehold has impacted her life.


Wishing you all the very merriest of holidays. 




Kate Gavigan

PR Manager, Freehold

From Our Lab:  The Secret to Working with Teenagers by Daemond Arrindell  

Daemond ArrindellFreehold Associate Partner and Faculty Member Daemond Arrindell and Teaching Artist Carter Rodriquez have been working with youth in an Engaged Theatre Residency for the past several months.  The culmination of the youth's work was seen at "We Are Tomorrow's Today" by the Detention All-Stars on Saturday, December 10th at Washington Hall.  Here are some of Daemond's thoughts on his experience working with the participating youth.

The secret to working with teenagers is all in the snacks. If one can tame the raging hunger that distracts them beyond all things, then maybe you stand a chance. Because you might get past the hunger, but THEN what are you going to do?  More ... 

From Our Studio: Conversation with Paul Budraitis  


Paul, you'vPaul Budraitise been teaching at Cornish and now you'll also be teaching a Movement class at Freehold.  What, in particular, do you enjoy about your teaching work?

PB:  Teaching is a learning process for me, because every time that I propose a concept to a new student, I'm checking back in with the concept myself.  More ... 

Memories of Freehold:   Freehold Inspires My "Little Dance" by Sharon N. Williams   


Sharon N. WilliamsWhenever I've worked with Freehold, they've made an impact on my life. And my result to said impact is always the same. I end up doing a crazy dance, I start grinning from ear to ear, and I may even jump up and down.        More ... 
Seattle Theatre Loses A Great Theatre Talent

Edie Whitsett passed away after an extended battle with cancer. 
Edie worked extensively with Freehold's Lab having designed for these Freehold productions: the award winning production of The Seagull, The Three Sisters, A Lie of the Mind, Veronika Falling, The Winter's Tale, and Cymbeline for the Engaged Theatre program. She also taught workshops at the Women's prison on Design. Her life and light touched us deeply.
Read more about Edie's contributions in The Stranger.  



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