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Hello Freehold Community,


Summer, (finally!) glorious summer!!  Summer class registration is now open.  Here's a great chance to immerse yourself in Shakespeare with Amy Thone, find your inner clown with George Lewis and a whole lot more. Plus, this June you can see our Engaged Theatre Summer Tour of Pericles featuring our amazing ETI students (more information to come soon!).  This month we're pleased to share these wonderful stories:


Tikka Sears, actor/director/producer, gives us her moving insights of her impressions of our Engaged Theatre residency performance at Washington Corrections Center for Women

George Lewis, founding member of Freehold and Associate Partner, talks about our great Rehearsal and Performance class

Malachy Sreenan, shares the life lessons he has learned from his time as a student at Freehold.

Freehold Faculty News, check out the exceptional upcoming work from our talented faculty.


Hope you have a wonderful summer!




Kate Gavigan

PR Manager, Freehold

TikkaSearsFrom Our Lab: "Engaged Theatre Creating Transformation and Community" by Tikka Sears 


When I attend Freehold's Engaged Theatre performance at the women's correctional facility in Gig Harbor, I end up thinking about my own life choices and near misses.  How easily bad luck or bad timing could have landed me right where these women sit.    More ... 

GeorgeLewisFrom Our Studio:  "Rehearsal and Performance - It's not just about putting up a show" by George Lewis


Why take the Rehearsal and Performance class?  Why not just audition for a play? I have taught the Rehearsal and Performance class six or seven times since Freehold began, and it has always been an exciting experience for me and for the student actors.  And it is not just about putting up a show.   More ... 


From our Studio:  "Life Lessons" by Malachy Sreenan


You don't always know or appreciate how much someone or something means to you until you wake up one day and can't imagine your life without them. Likewise, you don't always realize when embarking on a new project or adventure that it will wind up filling a need or void in your life that you scarcely realized existed.  More ... 


Check out the great work being done by our faculty and students by going to the links below ...

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