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Hello Freehold Community,

Welcome to March! Spring classes will open Monday, March 7 for registration, plus our Studio Series starts next week (March 11) and will run for 3 whole weeks!  This month we're pleased to share these wonderful contributions from several of our past and current students and community members:

Bev Kelly, Freehold supporter and creator of our Library, gives us her impressions of our Engaged Theatre residency performance at Washington Corrections Center for Women
Norman Bell, long-time Freehold student and Studio Series performer, shares his memories of Freehold,
Lance McQueen, ETI student, describes falling in love with solo performance work,
Freehold Faculty and Student Alums News, check out the great upcoming work from our talented faculty and students.

Hope you have a spectacular spring!


Kate Gavigan
PR Manager, Freehold

Bev KellyFrom Our Lab: A Trip to the Washington Corrections Center for Women (Purdy) by Bev Kelly


If you've never been to Purdy to view the play put on by the women who participate in Freehold's theatre residency program, you've missed an exciting and moving experience.   More ... 

Fronormanbellm Our Studio:  Memories of Freehold: Me and Freehold by Norman Bell


Me and Freehold? We go way back. I remember when I was just a wee lad in my mid-20's, and Freehold was just a youngster too. It was 1995, and Freehold was just 4 years old at the time.  More ...  

LanceFrom our Studio:  Falling in Love with Solo Performance by Lance McQueen


For about seven years I had both admired and feared solo performance.  The idea of opening myself and creating a purgative art piece personal enough to be engaging, yet not so personal as to cause me embarrassment was terrifying.  

More ...


Check out the great work being done by our faculty and students by going to the links below ...

Faculty Upcoming Shows

Student and Alum Shows

Spring Quarter Class Schedule

Freehold's 16th Annual Studio Series 2011, March 11 - March 26, 2011   


Neil Freeman Shakespeare Workshops, More Information.

ETI Spring Recital, April 29-30. More Information Soon.

Freehold's Annual Dinner & Auction: Speakeasy, Monday, May 23, 2011, Tom Douglas' Palace Ballroom. More Info Soon. 

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