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SnowDaysatFreeholdWe are welcoming December in around Freehold.  We have our twinkle lights up, our winter class schedule finalized and are looking forward to all that 2011 will be holding for us (and for you!).  Start your holidays off right with some inspiring articles ...

Shanga Parker, new faculty member, gives us a few thoughts on the Suzuki Movement Training,
David Friedt, Freehold Board Member, shares his memories of Freehold,
Christina Bauer describes her newfound respect for acting,
Taryn Collis and Sharon Williams share their excitement for their upcoming work with the women in Freehold's Engaged Theatre Washington Correctional Center for Women Residency Program.

All of us at Freehold wish you the happiest of holidays and look forward to seeing more of you in the new year!


Kate Gavigan
PR Manager, Freehold

ShangaParkerFrom Our Studio:  A Few Thoughts About Suzuki Movement Training by Shanga Parker

I first encountered this some time ago - some 20 years.  The initial thought was of a physical method that I could attack fully.  Acting is so subjective and requires so much inside insight that I felt there was nothing to push up against.  More ...

David Friedt

From Our Studio:  Memories of Freehold: Fully Committing to the Task by Freehold Board Member David Friedt


I remember the first evening of my Freehold class; "Introduction to Acting I".  George Lewis was the Instructor.  Twelve of us sat in a circle and stated our reasons for taking this class. 

More ...

SharonWilliamsFrom our Lab: Engaged Theatre Teaching Artists:  Taryn Collis and Sharon Williams

Interview with Sharon Williams

What inspired you to be part of the Engaged Theatre's WCCW Residency Program?

Sharon Williams (photo at left): The first inspiration was the opportunity to work with Robin Lynn Smith, again.  We worked together years ago and I love her spirit.  More ...



"My story of my work" from Taryn Collis

"What do you do?"

"I teach theatre at the women's prison."

"Oh. That must be ... interesting."


When you tell people you volunteer at a prison, they instantly know what you do.  Or, they know what they think you do.  More ...


From Our Studio:  Step II:  Work Ethic, Respect, Passion by Christina Bauer


I took the first acting class of my life this summer, Step I: Intro to Acting at Freehold Theatre.  I had so much fun that I started Step II: Acting with Text this fall. 
More ...


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