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FredMed Informer - Spring 2010 

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Mark Your Calendars

Maryland MGMA is coming to Frederick on April 16.  Click here for more info....
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Upcoming Events

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Tech Tip 
What's That Beeping? - Intro to the UPS
The uninterruptible power supply (UPS, for short) provides a battery to run your electronics when the power goes out.  UPS prices have dropped to the point where the battery backup is poised to replace the surge protector as part of a standard PC's configuration. Click here to read on...
Dr. Stephen J McKenna
Member Profile
Stephen J. McKenna, MD FACS 
Dr. McKenna, in addition to being a busy general surgeon, runs Mid Maryland Bariatric.  Over the last 3 1/2 years, he's expanded his practice to provide weight loss surgery and support.  He's even performing LAP-BAND procedures at FMH.  Click here to read on... 
Practice Management Matters 
Misys Tiger Report Tips 

In this issue of our newsletter, we provide some tips and tricks for working with Misys/Allscripts Tiger reports. Learn how to save a report in electronic format so you don't have to keep stacks of paper copies in your office. Click here to read on...
Dr. Paul Feinberg
Board Profile
Paul Feinberg, MD 

Dr. Feinberg, a member of FredMed's first Board of Directors, has rejoined the Board to help guide the development of our Community Health Information Exchange.  As an early EMR adopter, his experience should prove invaluable for setting up our community wide system.  Click here to read on...
Members' Minute
Members' Minute 

This segment of our newsletter is a "Members' Minute" forum. This forum offers a place for members to pass on information they want to share with other local providers and practices.   Click here to read on...