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May 2011
National History Day logo Greetings!

The 2011 NHD in Wisconsin State Event is only a few days away! We are busy with event preparations and excited to see the scholarship of more than 470 students representing more than 80 schools in Wisconsin. With 165 judges and volunteers generously donating their time, this will be the largest Wisconsin State Event ever!

Information for visitors and participants is available on our website: We hope to see many of you at the event!
You can now connect with National History Day in Wisconsin on Facebook. You will find relevant and timely updates about the program throughout the year, including event information, news from the national contest, topic ideas, and more. Check out our page! 
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NHD 2012: Revolution, Reaction, Reform in History
As the state contest wraps up for 2011, we are looking forward to a new NHD year. The 2012 theme is "Revolution, Reaction, Reform in History" and will again provide students with an excellent framework for understanding their own research topics. To learn more, check out the theme sheet
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The Civil War (1861-1865) was one of the bloodiest and most tragic, with over 600,000 soldiers killed. During its four long years, more than 90,000 Wisconsin soldiers fought for the Union cause. To mark its sesquicentennial, the Wisconsin Historical Society created Wisconsin in the Civil War, a digital collection containing more than 16,000 original documents. The collection provides ready access to dozens of diaries, regimental histories and book-length memoirs, thousands of soldiers letters, hundreds of newspaper articles, and more than 1,000 photographs, maps and other images.


The collection goes beyond basic facts about Wisconsin military units. It offers personal, in-depth, and moving portraits of Wisconsin soldiers in war. View this and other amazing resources on our web site

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We appreciate your support of National History Day in Wisconsin.  We are excited to have you as part of our program!

Sarah Aschbrenner, State Coordinator
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