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June 2010
National History Day logo Greetings!

Thank you for another amazing year of National History Day in Wisconsin. 9,200 students at 114 schools across the state took part in this exciting academic adventure. They learned a breadth of skills that will be valuable for the rest of their lives.

Next year promises to be even better. Keep reading to learn more about how YOU can be a part of the excitement!
2010 National Finalists
The 2010 NHD in Wisconsin State Event was a great success for all participants. 422 students came from all parts of the state to share their historical scholarship. Volunteers were impressed by the breadth and depth of student research and analysis. Judges had to make many difficult decisions to narrow the field down to Wisconsin's 47 national finalists.  See the complete listing of national finalists and special award winners.
Students at National Contest
Wisconsin's 47 national finalists will soon be making the journey to Washington D.C. to present their projects at the 2010 NHD National Contest. You can be a part of the experience, too! Participating students, parents, and teachers will all contribute to a daily blog of their adventures, updated daily from June 14th through the 17th. Read more on our website!
Get a jumpstart on NHD 2011 with this workshop, taking place in Milwaukee on Thursday, June 24 from 8:30 - 12:00. NHD in Wisconsin staff will lead educators in a discussion of the 2011 NHD theme and explore implementation strategies for the upcoming school year. Participants will also take a closer look at the National History Day program and review skills that are keys to any successful research project, including thesis statements, project organization, and have the opportunity to "be the judge" in evaluating History Day projects.

Current participation in NHD is not required, but knowledge of the structure and framework of the program is recommended. Sign up online!
2011 Theme Logo
Join us for NHD 2011 when the theme is "Debate & Diplomacy in History: Successes, Failures, Consequences." This theme promises a variety of engaging topics for students to explore. The flexibility of the theme allows students to look at either a debate or a diplomatic event, opening up a breadth of potential topics.

History is full of interesting debates related to important events or ideas. This can include both philosophical debates over ideas, like slavery or evolution, or actual debates that shaped history, like the Nixon/Kennedy presidential debates. Students will take a closer look at the varying opinions on both sides of an issue and analyze how that deliberation or dispute shaped history.

The word diplomacy brings up even more choices for research topics. While topics related to international affairs immediately come to mind, more local ideas are always possible, such as topics involving land ownership and treaty issues.
The second part of the theme, "Successes, Failures, Consequences," helps students to ask questions. Participants will think deeply about their topic by examining different perspectives and outcomes related to their subject. Read the theme sheet on our website.
Interested in learning more about National History Day? Planning on joining us for our 2011 NHD year? Sign up for our free curriculum CD. This CD contains many useful tools to help you implement NHD in your classroom, including student and teacher guides, topic ideas, theme information, rulebook, and more! All educators participating in a 2010 regional event are automatically signed up. All other interested educators can register for materials online.
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We appreciate your support of National History Day in Wisconsin.  We are excited to have you as part of our program!


Sarah Clement, State Coordinator
National History Day in Wisconsin
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