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November 2009
National History Day logo Greetings!

More exciting news about National History Day in Wisconsin! Keep reading to learn more about the program and other educator opportunities.
Beginning this year, National History Day will require all web site projects to be created using the NHD Website Editor, beginning at the school level. This web site building program is specific to NHD, but functions in the same way as many other online website tools.  To access the NHD website editor and begin building their website, students must go directly through the NHD portal.
A full suite of site-building tools will be available through the NHD Website Editor. All hosting will be performed by the NHD Website Editor servers and submission of websites to regional, state, and national levels of competition will be online. Please refer to your curriculum packet for additional website category resources!
Beyond the Basics: A Closer Look at History Day
"Beyond the Basics" is an opportunity for educators familiar with National History Day to take a closer look at advanced topics related to the program. Participants will discuss the research process, strategies to guide student research, and the characteristics of a good bibliography. Participants will also review skills that are keys to any successful research project, including thesis statements, project organization, and have the opportunity to "be the judge" in evaluating History Day projects. Current participation in NHD is not required, but knowledge of the structure and framework of the program is highly recommended.

Exploring the Website Category
Don't be afraid of the newest NHD category! This workshop will teach you the basics of an NHD website and give you an opportunity to create your own site with the NHD Website Editor. This workshop will address the newest rules for the category for the 2009-2010 school year. We will also spend time taking a closer look at actual NHD websites. Participants will leave with a better understanding of the structure and framework of the category and ideas on how to guide students in creating website entries. Current participation in NHD is not required, but knowledge of the structure and framework of the program is highly recommended.

Sarah Michele Classroom PresentationREQUEST A CLASSROOM PRESENTATION
Let the NHD in Wisconsin staff bring the excitement of History Day into your classroom. This interactive program is designed to fit into one class period. We will introduce your students to the National History Day program, familiarize them with the presentation categories and discuss this year's theme. The presentation also includes the "Three Hats of the Historian" (a visual demonstration of the research process), a discussion of the importance of topic narrowing, and tips on creating projects in NHD project categories.
It is possible to arrange visits for multiple class periods and teachers. Dates are subject to the availability of the staff, so please contact the NHD in Wisconsin office as soon as possible to make arrangements for your classroom visit.

Wisconsin Labor History Society LogoLABOR HISTORY TOPICS
The Wisconsin Labor History Society will once again be offering special awards at all seven Wisconsin regional events and the state event for the 2010 competition season. Members of the society have put together a theme-specific topic sheet, filled with great ideas connecting labor history to "innovation" to meet this year's NHD theme. Read more about these topic ideas! (This link opens a PDF file.)
Exhibits boards are available from the Minnesota History Day program for interested teachers and students. Available in black and white, these boards are larger than the typical science fair boards and come with optional title panels. Boards are only $7.00 each and are available in packs of 10. Download the order form and learn more about the boards. (This link opens a PDF file.)
Interested in NHD? Now is the time to get involved and bring history to life in your classroom. Sign up online for free curriculum materials!
National History Day logoHAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT NHD?
Interested in learning more about National History Day? Many of your frequently asked questions are answered on our website. Check out our FAQ to see how NHD will benefit you and your students!
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Thanks for reading. We are excited to have you as part of National History Day in Wisconsin!

Sarah Clement, State Coordinator
National History Day in Wisconsin
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