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Our Mission

The mission of Modern B.A.G. Ladies is to provide women with their daily dose of  
Believe fuel and charge women to

Act, because women deep down desire to

Go to places they thought were only in their dreams 
We will spread our new found joy, shred our own and other's fears and just have more fun.  We are real! We are not yes ladies!  We are OH YES Ladies and it feels pretty damn good!   
Today MBAGL fuels your Believe Act Go Traveling Sanctuary with periodic emails.  Sometimes with thoughts to ponder, other times we will challenge you to act and we will absolutely provide some get real, fun information.  Our future is only limited to the dreams we can dream.  So get ready for the ride because we can have some pretty outrageous dreams sometimes. 

January 21, 2009

The first Modern B*a*g Lady Workshop - Mini Retreat is now stowed away under our hood.  Ladies between the ages of 20 something to 60 something packed their baggage, stripped away labels, dropped off their baggage and picked up their B*a*g.
I extend my appreciation to the ladies who attended last Saturday, allowing me to debut the Access Your B*a*g process which prepared them to fuel our very first Traveling Sanctuaries. Most left feeling 4 hours was too short of time to cover everything.  I feel a weekend retreat in our future.
The workshop was perfect in it's I'mPerfection.  I know because we caught it all on film and I nervously watched it last night.  Not everything went as planned.  Some things went better than planned and the spontaneous sharing is what made it so very special.  I learned much and the next one will be even better.  This ACTION allow me to turn on the keys to spark the fuel in my B*a*g Traveling Sanctuary.
SO, Speaking of my Traveling Sanctuary....
Project Traveling Sanctuary was our Action project that will serve to connect the ladies that attended the event on Saturday with other Modern B*a*g Ladies that could not join us. 
Read below.... 
Spread Joy. Shred Fear. Have Fun.
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Kim Lampe
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I know you are up for participating in this joyous, low fear, fun experiment.  Just send me an email and proclaim, "This Sister is In!"*
What exactly am I committing to? It's really quite simple.
  1. Accept your much deserved fuel which consists of a small token and message from a fellow B*a*g Lady. 10 already have been fueled.
  2. Agree to receive a Traveling Sanctuary that has yet to be fueled.  10 still need fuel.

The fuel you provide is the renewable kind, so that means you already own it, so your expense is a few minutes of your time and postage cost back to Modern B*a*g Lady headquarters.  Emails in your inbox is nice but getting packages in your mail box, well let's just say "10 year old girl getting a package on her birthday".

Don't fret, the travel itinerary is included inside your Traveling Sanctuary.  And I'm just an email or call away.
* Provide your mailing address, if not already provided.
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