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Announcing MBL First Official Event! 
Drop Off Your Baggage!
Saturday, January 17,2009
Where & When
Event Location TBD
Red Wing, MN Area
January 17, 2009
Afternoon Time TBD
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Porta Potty

Our Mission

The mission of Modern B.A.G. Ladies is to provide women with their daily dose of  
Believe vitamin and charge women to

Act, because women deep down desire to

Go to places they thought were only in their dreams 
We will spread our new found joy, shred our own and other's fears and just have more fun.  We are real! We are not yes ladies!  We are OH YES Ladies and it feels pretty damn good!   
Today MBAGL fuels your Believe Act Go Traveling Sanctuary with periodic emails.  Sometimes with thoughts to ponder, other times we will challenge you to act and we will absolutely provide some get real, fun information.  Our future is only limited to the dreams we can dream.  So get ready for the ride because we can have some pretty outrageous dreams sometimes. 
Modern B*A*G Ladies
2707 Pine Ridge Blvd
Red Wing, Minnesota 55066
Unload Already Would You?


Some months ago I met Myrna, The Wise B*A*G Lady.  It was like a blind date.  A local business woman had given me her name as a possible contact to discuss my aspirations of a business, targeted to women. 
This Wise B*A*G Lady had owned her own business, successfully exited this business, and now was coaching women.  I didn't know her, expect through a few email exchanges and reading her website.
As we met for the first time, that morning, at the Burnsville MN IHOP, I knew I was going to pour out my ideas and aspirations no matter who she was.  I was on a road trip (mission).  The unexpected gift was that she had this ability to help me focus my huge thoughts and dreams into distinct actions. She was a gift, which I would have never received if I hadn't of opened myself up.
On that day, her and I spoke of some kind of workshop, gathering or event.  She also offered me some much needed fuel I couldn't quite conjure up on my own.  I have been running on this fuel ever since, with the help of other pit stops and baggage drop offs.
So without further delay I am announcing the first official Modern B*A*G Lady, Drop Off Your Baggage Event.
Spread Joy. Shred Fear. Have Fun
Drop Off Your Baggage, would you please!
Your Dancing BAG Lady, Kim Lampe
P.S. - For those B*A*G Ladies who are not local and are unable to attend, there will be an opportunity to participate as well via Project Traveling Sanctuary.
Drop Off Your Baggage Event
Turn Your Baggage into B*A*G
This isn't a how to workshop. It's a TO DO FUNSHOP.  Drop off your baggage and start 2009 with some fuel.  Let's spread our new found joy.  Shred our fears by taking action and learning from other great ladies. AND of course we will have some FUN.  We are not Yes Ladies we are OH Yes Ladies and it feel damn good. 
Here's what you can expect:
  • Why B*A*G Ladies? Why not?  - Kim's Story
  • What's Her B*A*G? - Meet & Greet
  • Project Traveling Sanctuary - An experiment in sharing our eco-friendly fuel with fellow B*A*G Ladies.
  • Lunch - Turning on the Radio - B*A*G Lady Playlist
  • Wrap up & Feedback
 More details to come....

Reserve your spot today by sending me an email. It will really help with our planning process.  kimlampe@travelingsanctuary.com


There will be a modest fee to cover lunch and room rental.

Project Traveling Sanctuary - A MBL Experiment
An experiment in keeping the fuels burning for our fellow B*A*G Ladies and others as well.
pile of baggage