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 AmeriBag Launches
Retailer Incentive Program

AmeriBag is excited to announce the introduction of its new Authorized Dealer Program. We have been working on its development for several months and feel that we have a strong program that will offer our best retail customers exciting new rewards and incentives.

The program categorizes retailers into tiers: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Authorized Dealer. Classification is based upon several key points: credit standing, how long they have been selling our product, how much product they sell, and how many different SKU's they carry. Each tier offers specific discounts and incentives including a co-op program, special discount offers throughout the year and a colorful window decal designed to attract customers to each store. We want to reward both our big and our smaller retailers equally and help them to get through these tough economic times.

We look forward to offering promotions and incentives through the Authorized Dealer Program that will help our retailers achieve their goals in 2009. The AmeriBag Healthy Back Bag® tote is a proven, money-making winner that consistently flies off retailer shelves. It pays to carry the HBB!

In the next few weeks, AmeriBag sales representatives will distribute kits to retailers that explain the program in detail. If you would like more information, please contact your sales representative, call AmeriBag customer service at 800.246.1292 or e-mail us at
Amy & Dorothea

AmeriBag enjoys near record-breaking WSA Show WSA display

We are thrilled to report that we recently returned from one of our best WSA Shows ever! The World Shoe Association Show is the premier trade show for the footwear industry, and one of our largest markets. Throughout the entire show, the AmeriBag booth was buzzing, and traffic was both steady and profitable. Our sales more than tripled previous years' shows and customers were excited to see both our new and core products. The show's success was a testament to us that the Healthy Back Bag® tote is a tried and true product that can weather even the toughest economic situations.

The WSA Show was also the first show introduction of our new 2009 products -  the eco-friendly Earth Collection and our eclectic Contemporary Collection. We received positive feedback on both collections and wrote lots of orders for products, both new and existing.  Our new Tapestry print was especially well received, as customers have continually been requesting it since it was discontinued a few years back. The newest Tapestry print, an elegant floral pattern, is currently part of the new Contemporary Collection.

Thank you to all who stopped by our booth in Las Vegas, making it a truly fantastic
show! We look forward to seeing everyone again in July.
AmeriBag Small Leather Healthy Back Bag® tote Receives Four Top Buzzillions Awards!

And the results are in! AmeriBag has won, not one or two....but a whopping four Buzzillion's Reviewers' Choice awards and twelve finalist placements! These innovative awards are selected based upon the opinions of real people who have purchased our AmeriBag products and posted their reviews on - the wbadgesmal leather HBBeb's premier hub for customer reviews.

"Word of mouth has propelled the Healthy Back Bag to where it is today," state AmeriBag President and CEO, Irwin Gaffin. "Someone buys the bag, wears it, tells their friends about it, and before we know it, their friends are all buying the Bag too. These Buzzillions Reviewer's Choice Awards only strengthen our belief that customer satisfaction is ultimately what really matters. It's what has made our product so successful, even in these tough economic times." Gaffin goes on to say how The Classic Leather Healthy Back Bag® tote is AmeriBag's most renowned core product and has helped the company attain retail sales of over $200 million. In fact, the Healthy Back Bag® tote has been touted as the world's most comfortable shoulder bag, and its trademarked shape and patented design have made millions of fans worldwide.

The additional two categories that the small Leather Healthy Back Bag® tote received awards in are Women's Handbags for Stylish-Driven People and Women's Handbags for Practical Users, supporting the fact that users don't have to sacrifice style for comfort, quality and functionality. Other AmeriBag products that received Buzzillions® Reviewers' Choice Finalist Awards were the small and extra small cotton canvas Healthy Back Bag® totes, the small distressed nylon Healthy Back Bag® tote, the leather Widebody Healthy Back Bag® tote and the Metro Collection "Rio" handbag. is the only product review site that categorizes its reviews by "user personality", enabling consumers to get ratings and reviews from people just like them. "Most product awards are judged by a small group of experts, " states Andy Chen, CEO of Buzzillions. "The Buzzillions® Reviewers' Choice Awards are unique in that they are judged by the people, for the people. It speaks volumes for AmeriBag to be recognized by the toughest judges of all - their customers."

And Gaffin agrees. "We're thrilled to hear that our customers think so highly about our product. At the end of the day, it's the customer who makes the decision on whether or not a product is successful." And judging by the numerous awards, along with worldwide sales of the product, it looks like the Healthy Back Bag® tote is a winner all around.

For a full list of winners visit the
Buzzillions Reviewers' Choice Awards for Handbags

Hot off the press

We've had some amazing press recently in some widely recognized national magazines!
Here are the highlights:
                                                                                                      BH&G cover
 - Better Homes and Gardens - March 2009
The distressed nylon Healthy Back Bag tote was featured in the 'Healthy You: Back Health' section.

 - Footwear News - February 2009 Show Issue!
Barbara Schneider-Levy, editor at Footwear News magazine, did a fantastic write-up about our local Kingston store, AmeriBag Adventures!

View Better Homes and Gardens and Footwear News features here!

 - Travel Goods Showcase - February 2009 Show Issue!
Our fabulous new Earth Collection was included in an
article about national parks, from which each bag in the
collection is named.  This coverage came at a great time -  the Travel Goods Show in Las Vegas was right around the corner.
View the Travel Goods Showcase feature here!

- Mothering Magazine - January 2009
Our popular Healthy Back Baby Bag was prominently featured in the 'Cool Stuff' section.

Press Covers

Global Growth
Healthy Back Bag® International News
Margo Selby Bagletts
Here's the scoop from Clare Elson of our U.K Division on the fabulous Margo Selby bagletts that debuted for the holidays last year. She states that the bagletts are almost completely sold out and that they have just ordered a new collection of bags for the Summer '09. The new bagletts will be a combination of repeat fabrics, and one totally new pattern which will keep the collection alive and new. Last November, the collection of 5 bagletts debuted at Margo's studio in Bloomsbury (London), and they have sold like hotcakes ever since. We are looking forward to seeing the new bags this summer!
Margo Selby bagletts
Nancy Evans, of global business development gives us the details on what's up and coming around the globe:
New website is live!
Witness e-commerce at its best by visiting! Spreading the universal brand messaging and product collections direct to consumers, the new site offers a multitude of options from a quick download of the brochure to website-only incentives to a preview of Limited Editions to PR, product specs and everything in between. Also look for country specific pages which tell the story, while giving the HBB features and retail locations in 7+ different languages. Initial results show daily online purchases equal to those during the Holiday selling season. Quite an accomplishment on the part of the UK team!

The HBB has island appeal...As we look to spread our global appeal, we need look no further than the myriad of Caribbean Islands which remain a haven of tourist activity. Preliminary efforts are in place to have a presence on each of the 25+ islands.
Japan: We've Got You Covered
Flying into the rapidly expanding Haneda airport anytime soon? See distressed nylon HBB's and Bagletts debut there this month. Once you land, find us throughout Japan, including, but not limited to Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Sendai, Kashiwa and Fukuoka.

Additional Channel Opportunities
In addition to the 'natural' placement of the HBB into health/wellness/fitness venues, textile and hardline design boutiques and better end stationers are selling through the product with ease. These shops cater specifically to a core consumer that appreciates and covets unique design and the Healthy Back Bag® undoubtedly delivers.

Worldwide Partners
Above and beyond our commitment to the Foot Solutions growing domestic franchisee network, we continue to align with their global expansion initiative. With current placement in Ireland and the Middle East following shortly, we will expect an alliance in Germany and the UK within the next year. There is a natural synergy between our shared philosophies of comfort, fit, function and style.

Stay tuned for more exciting international news!

ABag OEM Division Launches Website!

After many years of success, ABag OEM launched its first website at  The site introduces the customer to the OEM division and what type of quality products it can develop from concept to completion in a cost effective manner.  Browse the gallery of custom designs and private label partners to see examples of work that ABag OEM has completed for various companies. 

OEM home page

"The site is an important addition to our OEM division, as it gives customers the opportunity to see examples of what we can produce firsthand, and the types of widely recognized companies we've partnered with in the divisions illustrative past." states Curt Schock, V.P. of OEM Sales. "We've worked with a wide variety of companies on so many different types of products, it's great that now we have a place to showcase our work."

To learn more about ABag OEM, its capabilities and previous partners, please visit .

Spring 2009Issue: 4
Comfort, Quality, Style, Functionality & Value
In This Issue
AmeriBag Launches Retailer Incentive Program
WSA Show Update
Buzzillions' Reviewer's Choice Awards
Hot off the press!
Global Growth for AmeriBag International Divisions
ABag OEM Launches New Website
AmeriBag Exhibits at the Spa Show
Baby Loves Disco Update
Company Store Update
Summer Trade Show Schedule

AmeriBag Exhibits at the 2009 International Esthetics, Cosmetics, and Spa Conference in New York City

Exhibition Launches The Healthy Back Bag® Into Wellness Market

In a major initiative to target non-traditional, wellness markets, AmeriBag is making its debut at this year's International Esthetics, Cosmetics and Spa Conference in New York.  Having broken through traditional markets since its inception in 1995 (such as luggage, comfort shoe, and clothing), AmeriBag is ready to take on the wellness market, which proves to be a natural next step for the company.

Irwin Gaffin, President and CEO of AmeriBag, states "Moving into the wellness market has become a major initiative for AmeriBag this year, and the timing could not be more perfect. Now, more than ever, people are sitting at their computers for hours at a time, just inviting back, neck and shoulder pain.  They are also suffering from back discomfort from wearing heavy, inappropriately structured high-fashion bags. The Healthy Back Bag® tote is a welcomed relief to consumers who are looking for a comfortable, suitable and affordable bag for their lifestyle."

healthy pic

AmeriBag's debut at the show represents a major marketing campaign targeting the wellness market.  A heavy marketing and public relations initiative in the wellness industry is a primary objective for the Healthy Back Bag in 2009.  In addition, the company will be exploring all potential sales opportunities in this arena.

The International Esthetics, Cosmetics and Spa Conference (Spa Show) will be held April 26-28 at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City.

Baby Loves Disco
Contest Update!

Pimp Your Diaper Bag

We asked for your worst diaper bag photos and boy did we get them!  So far, we've had winners for November through February, each given the choice of a variety of colors for their new Healthy Back Baby Bag® tote!

One of our winners was using her back pocket for her baby diapers!  Lucky for her, she will now have a fantastic Healthy Back Baby Bag® to carry her diapers and much more.

Another winner was so anxious to receive a new diaper bag, she wrote us a poem.  Check it out:

"I want a new diaper bag
One that won't make me sick
One that won't make
The other moms say "Eww, ick!"

I want a new diaper bag
One that doesn't smell
One that looks really cool and chic
One that I can wear really well.

I want a new diaper bag
Please, Baby Loves Disco please!
One that has lots of pockets
One that makes traveling a breeze.

3 bags

I want a new
diaper bag
One that's versatile
One that converts into a toddler bag
Cause even my baby's got style.

A Healthy Back Baby Bag by AmeriBag
Oh what a happy mom I would be
My AmeriBag and my baby
That's all that I need..."

-Annette Putnam, CA,
January winner

The contest will continue to run until June 2009, so if you haven't entered yet, you still have time. Go to and click on the 'Pimp your diaper bag' link.  Send a picture of your beat up diaper bag and you just might be the next winner!


The Barbados Company Store

3 bags

Since its doors opened a little over three months ago, the Company Store in Barbados is doing great and receiving rave reviews about the Healthy Back Bag® from both the local and tourist populations. 

The store manager, Linda Hinds, has been enticing customers with eye-catching window displays and great presentation of our core product.  She has also been successful in converting many customers to the Healthy Back Bag® tote by using our tried and true sales method - letting the customer place their bag inside the HBB to see how comfortable it feels.

Store inside

Along with our line of Healthy Back Bag® totes and other AmeriBag® products, the store also sells comfort shoes.  The store has been attracting a number of local shoppers that are interested in both the shoes and our bags, enforcing the fact that there is a positive link between these two product lines.  During these tough economic times, it also illustrates the importance of quality, value and benefits beyond fashion.

We'll keep you posted as progress at the Company Store continues!


Spring / Summer Trade Show


We will be at the
International Esthetics, Cosmetics and Spa Conference
(the Spa Show)
April 26 - 28, 2009
at the Jacob Javits Center
New York City
BOOTH # 108

WSA Show
July 31 - August 2, 2009
at the Las Vegas Sands
Stay tuned for booth info...

Anyone with questions regarding our upcoming show schedule, please contact Beth at


Hot Selling Tip!

With the latest restrictions on airlines, travelers want to make the most out of their carry-on bags.  It's easy to do that with our Healthy Back Bag® tote!
The HBB is the perfect companion to any traveler.  With its cleverly placed interior pockets and superior organization, your travel essentials are always at your fingertips, making it easy to access them on the go.

The HBB comes in a multitude of colors, sizes and materials, so there is one for everyone!

Happy Spring!