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Looking forward to the summer? It's just around the corner! Don't forget to talk to your mentee about your summer plans and what might happen next school year, especially if you're a school-based mentor. It's important that your mentee has closure. If you would like to meet with your mentee over the summer, give us a call and we'll help make it happen. Enjoy!

h2 comnC8 w yth: How to Communicate with Youth Across Cultures


Join Mentor Kenosha & Racine for an exciting, interactive workshop that explores diversity. How can we be culturally competent? How can we communicate effectively cross-culturally? Find yourself feeling confused about what your mentee is saying? This workshop will help you get with the times! Sarah Park, Manager of Diversity Programs at UW-Parkside, will facilitate the two-hour session. With well over ten years of experience in the field, her expertise is unmatched. Don't pass up this great opportunity! There is no registration fee for mentors. See "Diversity Training" under Upcoming Events for more details.  

Meet a Mentor: Helping Others is the Basis of the Knutson's Philosophy

Written by Pat Kummings, RSVP-Kenosha Mentor 


In their comfortable living room, Elwood (Woody) and Roseann Knutson shared their experiences in mentoring. Since their retirement from teaching, they have been working with students-at first as tutors and then as mentors while also donating their time to other nonprofit organizations. They have been valuable participants in the Mentor Support Group at RSVP, participating in discussions dealing with problems such as bullying, poor hygiene, etc. Their advice for a new mentor is, "Listen. By being a good listener you begin to see life through the child's eyes."


After tutoring at Frank School for five years they entered the new RSVP Mentoring Program at Frank school. Later, in order to cope with the weather, they decided to mentor at Grewenow School closer to their home. During the two years they have been there, they have remained with the same children. Woody is mentoring a second grade boy and Rose a fourth grade girl.

When asked, they both agreed that they liked to mentor together. They have an opportunity to discuss their successes as well as concerns. They can share those problems and discuss techniques to handle them. For example, Woody, for a time, was worried that his mentee had a reputation for stealing, and Roseann was trying to find ways to convince her little girl to get to school on time. She finally convinced her that coming to school was very important because otherwise she would have to repeat that year; surprised, the girl began to get to school. She is also showing improvement by doing more and more of her work.


Because helping others gives them great satisfaction, Woody and Rose volunteer with Friendly Visitor. They visit older people who need someone not only to talk to but also to help with shopping or seeing the doctor. This is especially important if the family does not help. They also deliver Meals on Wheels, enjoying the time they can spend with the recipients.

Ask the Mentoring Expert    


Jessie: I made a commitment to be a mentor for a whole year, but my husband got a promotion and now we need to relocate. What should I do? I don't want to disappoint my mentee. 


Dear Jessie,


These kinds of things happen. While this isn't an ideal situation,

it's manageable. Here's my advice: be honest. Tell your mentee that something unavoidable came up and that you must leave the city (or state, whatever the situation may be.) Assure your mentee it had nothing to do with him or her and that you care very much about the relationship. Some other things to consider: 1.) Trade a memento with your mentee 2.) Redefine what your future relationship will be like 3.) Develop a plan for future communication (if any.) It's very important to do 2 and 3, and to actually follow through on whatever it is that you decide to do. If you do all of these things, you can minimize the chance that your mentee will feel abandoned or betrayed. If you make the expectations clear, your mentee will most likely understand.


Do you have a question you'd like to ask the mentoring expert? Email today! 

Mentoring Tips & Tools   


Inspirational Quote of the Month  


"The ultimate expression of generosity is not in giving of what you have, but in giving of who you are." -Johnnetta B. Cole

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