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"There is one prerequisite to managing the second half of your life:
You must begin doing so long before you enter it." Peter Drucker

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August 2008
Do I get to say I told you so?

When we last checked in on Brett Favre it was in the March issue of this newsletter. Mr. Favre had just announced his retirement from the Green Bay Packers. When asked how he planned to spend his time during retirement his reply was "doing nothing." I said at the time that he was likely headed for trouble with his laissez-faire attitude to one of the key decisions in his life, especially at such a young age (38).

Well anyone with a passing interest in US football knows that Mr. Favre has been recently signed to play professional football with the New York Jets (some might refer to this as an oxymoron). This transpired after the public humiliation of being sidelined by Green Bay who, unlike Mr. Favre seem to have moved on.

I don't believe that we have heard the end of this tale  as I think Mr. Favre will find the adjustment to being a New York sports hero a difficult one after being a very big fish in a town that ...well its not really much of a town.

The cautionary tale here is: If your whole existence is tied up in what you do for a living, a solid plan becomes your best friend. Because plan B can be your worst nightmare.
How I spent my summer
I don't think I actually remember ever writing an essay outlining my summer activities as a child. and its only August but that gives us time to pack in a few activities that require a minimum of heavy lifting and perhaps a break thru or Ah Ha moment.

Books to read: I'm currently reading Richard Florida's new book, Who's Your City?. This is his follow-up to the Best Seller; Rise of the Creative Class, also great reading, and shows how one of the unique off-shoots of the global workplace is in fact, that choosing where you live in very local terms becomes one of the three key determinants of having a successful and happy future. (The other two are who you are going to live with as a partner and what you are going to do as a career.) This should be must reading for anyone involved in city government, economic development or real estate or anyone involved in hiring people.

Projects to complete: I'm working on a new book with the working title: 50 things people in their 50's can do to reinvent their future. Could it be read by someone 47 years old? Highly probable! It is a collection of some of the strategies and tactics we have developed for The Best-Half.
Number 27  - Buy a Magazine I usually get coaching clients to go to the book store and buy a magazine they have never read before and would not likely read. They then do the obvious, read the magazine. The interesting part is that while they are reading about a subject(s) they have never read about before, they have to think about how what they are reading relates to a common challenge they are having in their life. Works great to see the other side of a situation, open up our thinking and usually provides a few new amazing or amusing facts to share with our friends..."I was reading American Whaling Boat Monthly the  other day and you won't believe..."

Planning for the fall
I like to take some time and do some strategic planning for the next year. One event I am hoping to re-institute will be open or public Best-Half Discovery Forums. These will be identical in content to our customized corporate workshops but will offer the opportunity for organizations and individuals to attend without having to bring along 15 of their co-workers or friends or clients. I expect this will start in November based on demand. It will also include a full Kolbe Assessment. If you are interested in more details let me know by contacting my email:

The Best-Half puts people  in touch with what really matters to them at any stage of their career and shows them how to find purpose, new meaning and engagement in both their work and home life. - hint: it's all about legacy and possibility! For employers the Best-Half establishes a dialogue between the employee and the organization allowing for effective medium and long range resource planning and succession planning throughout the entire spectrum of an individual's career.

Call us if you want to help your people plan for the future. It's going to be here before you know it (the future that is...)

Gordon Neufeld
The Best-Half