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"There is one prerequisite to managing the second half of your life:
You must begin doing so long before you enter it." Peter Drucker

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April 2008

Following your heart? - follow your strengths

Following your heart can be a confusing and circuitous route to fulfillment. My advice is - Follow your strengths. What is it that you are uniquely skilled at doing? Ask yourself what gives you pleasure, satisfaction and maybe even fame and use these things to build your ideal future. Dan Sullivan, the Strategic Coach, taught me a long time ago to focus on your strengths and delegate your weaknesses.

Kolbe is an ideal start to determining what those strengths really are. Until discovering my strengths - a resistant fact finder and follow,thru, an insistent quickstart and a willing implementor, I felt like a round peg in a square hole. How many people work in a counterproductive maze never experiencing that sheer bliss of getting to do something they are uniquely able to achieve?

Using your strengths can be harmful to any feelings you may harbour of low self esteem! When you concentrate on your strengths, others will be amazed to see you perform at the peak of your abilities, you will be highly energized and your value in the marketplace will soar.

I am in the business of helping people think differently. It is my unique ability.

Happy Spring


Trend watch for boomers

I read an interesting article about retirement communities for niche markets. Want to spend your time with like minded individuals? This trend is growing to even include Gay and Lesbian couples. Of course retirement homes for niche markets are not a new trend. There have been retirement communities for a long time that cater to niche markets including facilities dedicated to older actors and actresses, fraternal orders, religious or ethnic groups etc. the biggest trend will be more segmentation marketing to even smaller niches. I am waiting for the identical twins tower.

 We are going to see a lot of niche market products receive a lot of attention in the next few years. Already we are seeing the return of the convertible automobile. When BMW announces a whole new line of vehicles and highlights a convertible that will retail for north of $45,000, you know there has been some careful thought and demographic trend analysis going on in Germany. This car is squarely positioned to attract the older driver who no longer is living in Minivan world and finally wants to let loose to relive or reinvent as a top down wind in the hair kind of girl (or guy). Loaded with every option possible including heated lumbar adjusting seats (excellent after that recent trip to the chiropractor) this is a serious ride that is not going to see a lot of sand on the carpets and boogy boards sticking out of the back.

 Another trend to watch for is larger apartments and condominiums. These new units are not to be confused with the 400 square foot down town entry market variety. One such unit currently being advertised is located on the water in Oakville, Ontario. These units go all the way to a three bedroom with den - and these are not "penthouses."

Why the shift from sardine living? These units are squarely marketed to the plus 50 baby boomer who is looking to either down size or take a lateral move that gives them the space for visiting children, family dinners, hobbies and the new must have, a well equipped office space. There is not a shuffleboard court in site. But other amenities can include underground parking spaces that masquerade as 2 car garages with garage doors and storage, a car wash bay, board room, and facility wide Wi-Fi. Every suite has at least one large patio or balcony giving the residents that opportunity to commune with nature while keeping the maintenance factor to a minimum - another important consideration.

Travel, dining out, even movies are all being influenced by the new "Power demographic." One group that has not caught up with the times are the people who write instructions on product bottles. They obviously don't realize that 4pt type is mighty hard to read if you wear bifocals and if Shampoo and Conditioner are not printed in big type, the morning ritual can quickly take a turn for the worse.

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Gordon Neufeld
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