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Autumn Greetings,


These are powerful times and I have the sense that many of you are experiencing some powerful shifts in your life right now. There are many hypotheses for why this is happening, yet the root of it is all stored within you, as much as the source of transformation surrounds us. I encourage you to take sacred time, nurture yourself, and dive into the dense, powerful energy of this season. I am excited to share some upcoming workshops and retreats. Scroll down to read more. Wishing you wellness!  -Romi 




May 2013  


With Josie Kramer & Romi Cumes   



Josie Kramer Yoga

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I am very excited to be co-teaching a special Spring 

Yoga & Healing retreat in Costa Rica with my dear friend and Los Angeles-based yoga instructor, Josie Kramer. Read more about Romi & Josie below.  


Plan ahead for May 6th-12th, 2013. Email us for itinerary and to be added to our announcement list.  

Cost: $1800 Excludes airfare. Beachfront and individual bungalows can be requested for an additional fee. 


About this Retreat:

Utilizing a format richly infused with somatic and transpersonal psychology, Romi and Josie will provide you with an in-depth blend of Yoga, bodywork, nutrition, and meditation. This 7 day, 6 night beach-side retreat will nurture and revitalize your body-mind-spirit, offering daily yoga, healing massage, deluxe accommodations, delicious cuisine, scenic jungle excursions, and ocean-front relaxation. This is going to be a magical retreat, Join us!    


About Romi:

Romi Cumes M.A. is a Santa Barbara native with a deep passion for movement and healing arts. She founded Transformative Healing Arts in 2002, which offers yoga instruction, bodywork, intuitive healing, counseling, performance art and workshops. She has been leading international yoga retreats since 2005. Romi received her Bachelors in Environmental Studies from the University of California at Santa Cruz, and her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy, with an emphasis on Somatic Psychology, from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.


About Josie:

Josie Kramer M.A. is a certified yoga instructor, massage therapist, holistic health counselor, dancer, and coach practicing in Los Angeles. It is her passion and joy to support and enhance the empowerment of others through the provision of embodied education in mind-body-spirit union. She received her Bachelors in Traditional Eastern Arts from the Naropa Institute and her Masters in Transpersonal Psychology from Sofia University.   


Yoga w/ Romi:  

The physical nature of Romi's classes is supported by a foundation that strengthens and creatively opens the body. She draws from an in-depth movement and healing arts background to create a well-rounded practice, deeply rooted in psychosomatic and spiritual healing. Classes emphasize breath, core strength, and intention building exercises, that strengthen the body and uplift the Spirit.  


Yoga w/ Josie

Josie's classes aim to awaken inner resources for psychosomatic healing. Drawing from a deep well of bodywork and yoga experience, she supports students to align with their inner potential, so they may thrive both on and off the mat. She encourages people to cultivate authentic self-worth by exploring the divinity that is inherent deep within.     


Kauai sunset  

Yoga In Costa Rica: May 6th-12th, 2013



Next weekend:  

Introduction to Yoga Course.  

Oct 12th-14th    

This course includes three days of detailed yoga instruction. A great way to sharpen up your practice or start a new one. Three, two hour long (workshop style) classes will give you a strong introduction to yoga philosophy, structure, alignment, energy, and breath-work. Includes detailed instruction and demonstrations, hands-on healing, a restorative healing section and aromatherapy. Click Here for More Info

(drop ins welcome) Location: 32 E. Micheltorena St.
Call to Register (805) 965-6045. Friday 10/12 7-9pm
Sat/Sun 2-4pm. $50 for entire weekend.   


LUNACY: Music, Yoga & Art Festival  


Put on by Synaptic Productions and set in the beautiful Santa Barbara back-country at Live Oak Campground. Weekend of October 26th. Email me for a discount code and save on your tickets.  


Workshops at the Lunacy Festival  

by Romi Cumes M.A.  


*An Introduction to Somatic Psychology and Utilizing Somatic Awareness for Healing & Growth


*Heart Moves, A Somatic Yoga exploration integrating mindfulness, breath work, eclectic movement, and traditional yoga sequencing.


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yoga lake "Every life is in many days, day after day. We walk through ourselves, meeting robbers, ghosts, giants, old men, young men, wives, widows, brothers-in-love. But always meeting ourselves."  


~ James Joyce, Ulysses   



Bodywork, Yoga, & Somatic Counseling  



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Transformative Healing Arts ~ 2012 Fire Dancing Events
Transformative Healing Arts ~ 2012 Fire Dancing Events
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Mon/Wed 5:00-6:25pm
S.B. Yoga Center

Somatic Counseling


This powerful work is somatically based (body-centered)  and explores how we experience and work through emotion, trauma, and disregulation. Somatic counseling is clinically-based and is a branch of psychotherapy. The work is nurturing, client-centered, and transformational.  It uplifts individuals to deepen their healing process beyond the limits of talk-therapy, massage, or yoga based approaches. Because I am a MFT intern, I am offering this work for a reduced rate. 



To Book Appointment:

Call or text :   

(805) 448-4111  

Dreams, Death
& Destiny

Dad 3

A Lecture with
David Cumes M.D.
October 13th 10am-Noon

Where: Alice F. Schott Center, Santa Barbara

About: Explore a unique indigenous perspective on dreams and on using the principles of ancient wisdom to determine and follow one's destiny. African wisdom holds that dreams are frequently scripted by our spirit guides to be instructional in nature, and that dying well is really about how well we live our lives and help others. 
This series starts
October 13th, with continuing lectures  
October 27th, and November 11th

Look it up on Facebook: "Dreams Death & Destiny"