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                                                                         Week of December 12,  2011     
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For Las Lomitas League class schedules, please see their website at




This Week

  • 12/13 DELAC Mtg. 6 p.m. - LE room 51
  • 12/14 School Board Meeting - 7 p.m. - La Entrada MUR
  • 12/15 K Tour for new families 9:45-11 a.m.  Call the office to reserve a place, 854-5900.


Coming Soon

  • 12/23 Winter Break begins
  • 1/9/12 School resumes
  • 1/16/12  Registration begins for LLL classes 


From the Principal

Dear Las Lomitas Families,


I just returned from visiting the Holiday Workshop where joyful faces filled Cano Hall. This event is a perfect example of the community we have. Moms, dads and grandparents were on hand to help the children with their creations. Community is a term that is hard to define. Wikipedia states, "The word community is derived from the Old French communité which is derived from the Latin communitas (cum, "with/together" + munus, "gift"), a broad term for fellowship or organized society." What we experienced today was definitely being "together" and a "gift." Thank you to all the dedicated parents who help create a community at Las Lomitas that is focused on the children. Together we can help them grow and learn to be contributing members of the Las Lomitas community.


Communities function effectively when there is clear communication. As in any community, there will be misunderstandings or disagreements. Open communication between the parties involved will quickly solve most problems. This week I'd like to share our school's practices regarding communication. In the School Handbook (page 103 in the Directory) our process is described. As a general rule, always start with the classroom teacher when you have questions about your child, curriculum, assignments, homework or classroom programs. The teacher may recommend that you talk with Kathy Ruwe, counselor, if you have concerns about your child's relationship with peers or a family crisis.


If you still have questions, please contact me. Together, you, the teacher and I can work to come to an appropriate resolution. The Harvard Family Research Project website,, states that "parents and teachers consider communication the number one factor to increase trust. When teachers and parents are on the "same page" they can engage in more individual and concrete discussion around student progress and develop realistic goals and plans of action that are linked to student achievement," (Drake 2000; James, Jurich & Estes, 2001).


Another opportunity to communicate with one another is at the "Mornings/Evenings with the Principal" sessions. The next session is scheduled for February 8th at 9 a.m. in Cano Hall. There is always a selected topic for discussion, but these gatherings are also an opportunity for you to get your questions answered. I look forward to seeing you. 


Until next time,


Sue Sartor



Safety Tip:  Observe the "No Parking" signs on the south side of Camino al Lago. Parking there blocks traffic and you risk a citation from the police.  


Other School News



Please leave your dogs at home.  They are not permitted on school property without prior permission.  Dogs are particularly a safety risk at the flag pole area during dismissal times.  Thank you for your cooperation.



Please note: Articles for the Lion's Roar of Jan. 9, 2012, are due to Carol Clark,, by noon on Wednesday, Dec. 21. 



If you picked up a Las Lomitas League envelope by mistake, please return it to the school ofice. Someone accidentally picked it up from the 'Parent Pickup Box' in the office. The envelope is white, and has 'Las Lomitas League' written on the front. Thank you.


PTA News



During this season of celebration and thankfulness, I am especially thankful for the continued support of so many parents at Las Lomitas.  THANK YOU to everyone who volunteers time in the classroom and a huge shout out of thanks to those who volunteer behind the scenes to make sure all of our PTA sponsored events go off without a hitch. 


I'm sure that, by now, your children are proudly using their art note cards.  My kids love to use them as thank you notes and to write special notes to their teachers.  Thanks to Ginny Rader, Jane Worden and Sook Jung for taking the lead for the Art Note Cards project! 


Who couldn't miss all the excitement from last week's Holiday Workshop?  Every year I'm always intrigued by the new crafts and ideas this committee comes up with.  It's one of the student's favorite days during the year.  If you haven't already received your handmade gifts, I will not spoil the surprises coming your way.  You'll soon see how proud your children are to be able to make something special just for you.  Thank you to Tracie Nelson for putting together a FABULOUS committee this year.


I have mentioned before that our annual Book Fair this year was nothing less than successful.  Please check the PTA News next week for reporting of how outrageously successful it was when Anna Plume, Book Fair committee chairperson, shares Book Fair results.  Be prepared to be amazed!


Donna Hall
Las Lomitas PTA President 

Are you searching for the perfect holiday gift?


The Apple for the Classroom program is a way for parents to support their children's teachers directly. All the teachers and specialists at Las Lomitas have been invited to create a "wish list" of items that would help to further enrich their classrooms. Wishes may include art supplies, gift cards, books, or donations toward a special activity or field trip. These lists have been placed in the red Apple for the Classroom binder located in the office.


The next time you are on campus, please stop by the office and pick an "apple" from a wish list and help to further enrich your children's experience at Las Lomitas.


All donations are tax deductible and receipts are available upon request.


Thank you for supporting our teachers!


Questions? Please feel free to contact Julie Chandik at


Important Head Lice Information 


Dear Families,


Good news! The number of students identified with head lice has declined at Las Lomitas since a new "home check" policy was instituted at the end of the last school year. In our ongoing effort to lessen the chance that students will have to deal with a lice infestation, we are requesting that all families conduct home checks over the Winter Holiday break. You will be asked to return the attached form confirming that this has been completed. It is due on the day your child returns to school - Jan. 9, 2012.  


Why were home checks initiated? After reviewing both the National Association of School Nurses (NASN) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) policies regarding head lice control measures in schools, we learned that careful checks at home were the best method by far for controlling head lice at school....and everywhere else. This is because "wet combing" (as opposed to "dry combing") is more easily done at home. Liquid slows the movement of lice, so a combing check when the hair is wet is a much more effective way of spotting the creatures.


Please carefully review all of the materials at the below link, then sign and return the form. We will request that you conduct wet-combing checks at home two more times this year. We are confident that communication and a proactive approach between school and home will further lower the possibility that these pesky bugs will show up on campus. Should you encounter nits or lice when performing a home check please explore options and begin treating your child immediately. If you have additional questions when school resumes, our school nurse will be happy to speak with you.  

Please keep in mind that the presence of lice in no way means that you or your child has poor hygiene habits! Anyone can get lice - even people who shampoo their hair and clean their houses everyday!


Do you have questions about this issue? I encourage you to speak with the principal at your child's school or call me directly at 854-1215. Otherwise, please return the form to your child's teacher by Jan. 9, 2012.


Thank you for doing your part to keep our students and schools focused on learning!


Robin Spindler-Director of Student Services



Please click here to print the brochure and signature form. 








To date, we have raised $1.5 million for the 2012-2013 school year.  While this is great news, we are also $800,000 short of the contribution we made to the district general fund last year.  The School Board will begin making budgeting decisions, including potential cuts due to decreased state funding, at the beginning of 2012.  In order to maintain our current class sizes and programs, we need to raise an additional $400,000 from an additional 300 families before the holiday break.

The Foundation is attempting to fund $2,000 per child to avoid increased class sizes and cuts to our programs.  Your contribution is critically important.  In addition to protecting the quality of your child's education, you can claim the tax benefit for your family this year.

Please give whatever is significant and meaningful to your family now.  Working together, we can reach our goals.  We have done it before...let's do it again!
Click HERE to donate now.
The Grandparent Community in our District has been amazingly supportive in the past.  Last year, District Grandparents donated over $92,000!  This year, we hope to raise over $120,000 from Grandparents.  As a result, a group of Grandparents have come together with a $60,000 challenge.  Every dollar a Grandparent donates to the Foundation through June 10, 2012 will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to the $60,000 grant.  That means we can raise $120,000 for our Schools.  Double the dollars, double the difference!  
A mailer announcing the Challenge was already sent out to the Grandparents in our database.  If you would like to add a Grandparent please go to
You can also contact us by emailing

When you start your holiday shopping, make your first stop Why?

By starting at our website, THEN clicking through to any of the sites you use for your regular online shopping (Amazon, Tiny Prints, iTunes, Nordstrom...and more), a percentage of your total purchase (2 - 9%) will be donated to the Las Lomitas Education Foundation by the retailer, at no cost to you!
It is that easy to help your kids while your shop!


Las Lomitas League


Check out the new LLL classes added for Winter/Spring 2012 semester! We have Yoga for kids, Hip Hop dance, Jedi Lego Engineering, Art and Artists by Celebrate Art and an additional Chinese Level 1B class!  

For the schedule, visit our website   Registration for LLL Winter/Spring 2012 classes opens at 7 p.m. on Jan. 16, 2012, so remember to put this date down in your calendar!   


Green Team's Holiday Green Tips


There are some simple actions you can take to help make your holidays happier for the environment! Consider our tips below... 



·      Wrap gifts with recycled paper, Sunday comics, children's artwork, or decorated butcher paper and skip the bows and ribbons on your packages

·      Remember to bring your reusable tote bags when shopping for holiday toys and gifts, and plan your shopping in advance and consolidate trips



·      Buy energy saving LED lights and put your holiday lights on a timer

·      Decorate your home with items from nature, including pine cones, pine boughs and leaves - or, decorate with live plants and trees and plant in your garden after the holidays

·      Buy a pesticide-free Christmas tree, and recycle it when the holidays are finished

·      Support local Menlo Park businesses



·      Skip lighting up your wood burning fire place this year - spare the air!

·      Give a "green" theme gift basket filled with books on green cleaning, green cleaning supplies and a couple hours of your time to get a family member started on non-toxic cleaners

·      Give homemade gifts this year - bake cookies, make applesauce, create note cards with vacation photos, decorate reusable shopping bags with glitter paint.

·      Consider investing in a high-quality artificial tree - they are convenient, allergy free and save money


Source: Green Team volunteers, Sierra Club, Eco Moms Alliance

Open Positions: Secretary & Webmaster


The Las Lomitas Sports & After-School Activities League, an independent, non-profit organization, offers sports and after school classes to students in the Las Lomitas School District. The League is seeking parent volunteers to join the board for the current 2011/2012 school year. There are two positions open:


Secretary: Position responsibilities include attendance at monthly League meetings, minutes and overseeing the OutReach Program for both the Las Lomitas and La Entrada campuses during registration periods.


Webmaster: Position responsibilities include attendance at monthly League meetings and maintaining the LLL website. If you can use Word, you can maintain the website. This is a great way to volunteer "at home."


For additional information, please contact Renee Baker or Susan Suesser


For information about the Las Lomitas League, please go to

LLESD Governing Board

The Governing Board web page ( now lists all scheduled Board meetings and their location, and includes links to agendas for upcoming meetings and approved minutes for past meetings. The site is updated when new information is available, so please visit it regularly. Materials discussed at Regular Meetings (held monthly) are available in both school offices Monday through Wednesday prior to the meeting. Materials from past meetings are available at the District Office by contacting the Superintendent's Secretary at 854-2880.  


Business Sponsors News


The Las Lomitas PTA and the Las Lomitas School do not endorse, warrant or recommend any of these businesses.

  • Remember to mention Las Lomitas at the register and Kepler's donates 6% back to our school. Please check the website for upcoming events and remember Kepler's has a Storytime every Sunday at 11:30 a.m.
  • Holiday Camp Menlo Aquatics Day Camp
    Three to choose from: Dec. 19-22, Dec. 27-30, Jan. 3-6.
    Fun times at the pool and in the gym during vacation! Three 4-day camps are offered for ages 5-10, 8:45 a.m.-1:00 p.m. Swimming in the warm pool under the dome includes one 45-minute lesson per day plus free play. Camp includes indoor and dry land activities, athletic games, and structured play. Come join us the Burgess Park Pools in Menlo Park.
    Info and registration (
  • Menlo Action Academy Holiday Day Camp
    Introducing an exciting blend between academics and sports. Exploration! Movement! Insight!  Three camps to choose from: Dec. 19-22, Dec. 27-30, Jan. 3-6.
    Join us for a unique land-based camp that uses games and physical exercise to teach personal skills and develop character. Exercise performed in a playful environment is fun for children and play is the way they learn. Each day at camp, physical activities are preceded and followed by a discussion of a special development topic. We create a fun environment in which sports surround this theme for the day. Three 4-day camps are offered for ages 5-10, 8:45 a.m.-1:00 p.m., indoors at the Burgess Park Recreation Center in Menlo Park.
    Info and registration (
  • Future Stars Hoops Academy
    Brings You Its 4th Annual Christmas Youth Basketball Clinic 
    Hosted by: Coach Moseley and Coach Thurston of Woodside Priory School 
    Dates: December 19 - 23, Time: 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. Location: Woodside Priory School 302 Portola Rd. Portola Valley, CA 94028  Please RSVP with an email addressed to:
    **Registration email should include the following details of your Child(ren)** Name, Age (6-13), Gender, and Emergency Contact Information.
    Just $350.00 for 30 hours of fun and expert instruction! *Discount available for sibling registration*


Community News


The Las Lomitas PTA and the Las Lomitas School do not endorse, warrant or recommend any of these businesses. 


The Giving Tree - Supplies needed in Ravenswood School District  The public schools in the Ravenswood district have an on-going need for school supplies.  All Students Matter, a grassroots volunteer organization, has an easy way for you to help the schools get those much needed materials - the Giving Tree.  When you sign up for the Giving Tree, you will receive a quarterly email "wish list" for needed supplies which you can purchase to support the schools.  Supplies can be dropped off in Menlo Park or Palo Alto.  There are no meetings, only email, and this commitment is not intended to exceed $100 over the course of the school year.  If you are interested in signing up, please contact Linda Knoll at To learn more about All Students Matter which operates under the Ravenswood Education Foundation, please visit our web site

Carillon Preschool, located at 850 Portola Road, PV, is accepting applications for our fall 2012-2013 school year. We have openings in our 3's program and in our Young 5's program. Tours are available. Please contact Lynn Sowers, or (650) 529-1335. 


Windmill School in Portola Valley has limited spaces available in the 2's/3's program for 2011- 12 school year.  Our play based Program meets Tuesdays and Thursdays 9-11:45 a.m.  Children who turned two years old by May 2011 are eligible for enrollment.  If you are interested please contact Thankamma: email, or call 650-851-0771.
Please visit our web site for more information on the school


Winter Classes at Portola Valley Theatre Conservatory!  Looking for a place to act out onstage? Portola Valley Theatre Conservatory announces an exciting winter theatre class schedule for students in Pre K-Grade 8. Visit our website for descriptions, times, and registration at Classes start the week of Jan. 9, 2012



The Las Lomitas PTA and the Las Lomitas School do not endorse, warrant or recommend any of these businesses.


The Winter 1st Grade Girls' Basketball League at the Sequoia YMCA is fielding either one or two teams of Las Lomitas first grade girls. There is one weekday practice and games on Saturdays between January and March. The registration deadline is Thursday December 15; if you would like to sign up or ask questions about the program, please contact Elizabeth Blair, the Las Lomitas parent organizer,


Alpine Soccer Club
Soccer teams for almost all ages!  Alpine FC will have tryouts for Spring 2012 for U8-U20 competitive soccer teams starting now.  For dates and locations check Alpine Strikers' website at:  Please pre-register your player online. 



Newsletter Submissions


The Lion's Roar is published every Monday. To submit items for inclusion in the newsletter: 


· Email submissions by noon, Wednesdays, to Carol Clark at

· Include a brief description of the item in the subject line of the email.
· Please include the text (in 10pt Arial) in an attachment to your email.
· Flyers will be summarized briefly in the email newsletter, with a link provided to access the complete flyer. Flyers must be provided electronically to enable online access.


Please note: Community announcements are for local children's events only. The title, date and contact number will be listed with a one-two sentence descriptor.


The Lion's Roar is distributed via email every Monday. Printed copies are available in the school office, or the newsletter archives may be viewed online.  If you have trouble receiving the Lion's Roar, please ensure your email reader or service is not blocking the Lion's Roar because it is a group distribution. To change your email address, please click 'Update Profile/Email Address' below. Thank you!