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July 2008
Issue: 11
Hello Shoe Lovers!
Happy July!  I have taken a little bit of a hiatus from the newsletter.  It has been rather busy.  You all may know that I closed our Birch Bay store at the end of May to get ready for baby Finnegan's arrival.  I have spent many hours trying to clean-up our junk room to get ready for our little daughter.  I have been lucky so far with my pregnancy - my feet haven't gotten bigger, although I no longer have ankles.  So sorry all you size 6's - knock on wood, I am keeping my shoe collection.

Big disappointment for me is that I will miss out on the shoe show at the end of the month.  They frown upon women travelling at 8 months pregnant.  The thought of walking around for 9 hours and then being in 100 degree temps - just wouldn't be that much fun - for me or Krista. So Krista & Kelli will be going for me.  I have already warned them that I will be calling every hour to know what they saw.  I love the shoe show and will so miss going!

I have really big news too, starting on Monday, 12th Street Shoes will be airing its first TV commercial! Look for us on Comcast - let us know what you think.  Of course, we think it turned out fantastic - it was produced by Scott Banac (www.scottbanac.com).  He did a great job.  It was a very interesting process.  I was surprised at how much is required for a 30 sec spot.  Listen for the voice of Krista too! 

I hope you all are having a great summer.  Yeah!  It is finally nice enough to expose our toes!  Stop by and say hello - lots of new shoes coming in daily!

Take care -
Jody Finnegan
"Let your shoes make a statement!"
Men's Shoe Focus
sperry logo
sperry mens shoe
My husband has taken his duty to heart.  When I told him he was supposed to evaluate the Sperry shoes last month - he ordered 4 pair.  And yes, he has worn them all.

Sperry Review - Brian Finnegan

This  month I am reviewing the Sperry  Topsiders.  As a new addition to the men's shoe line , my satisfaction with these shoes is obvious, as I already own 6 pairs!
  These shoes portray a casual comfort that is at home in the pilothouse or  in the boardroom.  Besides looking and feeling great, all Sperry's are made with a water resistant leather and non-marking, skid-resistant soles, so you won't damage your new yacht.  For boaters and non-boaters alike, these shoes will always provide a comfortable voyage.

Spotlight on Shoes

Blondo Logo
Blondo Sandal

Blondo is a brand new line for 12th Street Shoes.  Spring is our first season with them.  The company is out of Canada and they are all about comfort wrapped  up in a very beautiful package.

Most of the shoes have removable insoles to accommodate orthotics. Lots of comfort features including memory foam insoles, very flexible soles and of course beautiful soft leather.

Krista & I were drawn to them at the shoe show.  The shoes are beautifully crafted and at a very reasonable price.  They also offer widths in most styles, which can be special ordered at no additional charge.  They can also be special ordered if you are looking for another color or different style.

Come check them out - you won't be disappointed.
Adopt a Handbag of the Month
Debbie brooks bag
This little handbag is cute and sassy.  Perfect for a night out on the town.  She goes by the name Debbie Brooks.  A handcrafted work of art with Debbie's signature style which shows through in the little blue cowboy boot on the front.  She is covered in denim so she won't show much dirt.  Her crystal accents give her just the right amount of bling!

Original Price: $140
Newsletter Subscriber Price: $60
Number Available: Just One
Potential Adoptive Moms can contact the store for more information at 733-2066.
Adoptions must take place by July 31, 2008.
New Arrival
Urban Oxide July
These are just so cute that I had to add them to the newsletter.  They just came in today.  If you don't recognize the brand, these are handbags by Urban Oxide.  They are rubber and can withstand a lot of abuse.  Trust me - my tote has put up with a lot and it still looks new. 

They just added the colored zippers for the Fall line.  It just gives the bag a little bit of zip!
  These aren't the only ones we have, there are lots more styles at the store. 

Stilettos on Parade II
"Flip Flop Free-for-All"
 Glass SLippers
People's Choice Award
The winner this year of the People's Choice Award was Patti Fairbanks .  Her art piece was titled "The Glass Slippers".  Her inspiration came from collecting beach glass with her family.  The flip flops were absolutely beautiful!  Patti received a gift certificate to Dirty Dan's for winning this category.

Rebeccas shoes

The Gal's at 12th Street Shoes Favorite
The winner this year of the 12th Street Shoes Favorite Award was Rebecca Meloy.  Her art piece was titled "Metal Stilettos".  You can't see it in this photo but the heels on these shoes were made from bent forks.  Rebecca is a very talented artist and her work can be seen at Big Fat Fish Co.  Rebecca received a gift certificate to 12th Street Shoes for winning this category.

A huge thank you to everyone that entered an art piece.  We loved them all!  Start thinking now - we will probably be doing sneakers next year.
Sarah's Interesting Trivia & Shoe Facts
sarah logo
  • In about 1305, Edward I of England decreed that one inch should be the measure of three barleycorns, and English shoe sizing began; thus a child's shoe that measured 13 barleycorns became a size 13.

  • Cinderella's slippers are sadly unlikely to have been made of glass. More probably they were fur, but the story came about through mistranslation when the French for fur, vair was written as verre - glass.

  • The Patron of shoemakers is St. Crispin.
  • The most ever paid for a pair of used shoes was for Judy Garland's ruby slippers in "The Wizard of Oz" Of the 8 pairs of ruby slippers made for Judy Garland in "The Wizard of Oz, the last pair at auction sold for US $666,000 on June 2 2000.

We hope you enjoyed July's newsletter! If you have any requests for future topics or if you would like to be a guest writer please drop us a line at info@12thstreetshoes.com 
Have a great shoe day!
Take care -
Jody Finnegan
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