Human Capital Consulting Partners NewsletterJanuary 2011
"How do I ensure that my company hires the right person?" 

Over the last 25 years of working with hiring managers, this question comes up all the time regardless of the industry, size of company, geographic location, or type/level of position. Why? Simple, all managers want to hire the right people to be sure their business can continue to be a success.

Clients ask, "Is there a special formula or a test an applicant can take for me to be sure they are the right person to hire?" Our view at Human Capital Consulting Partners is no, there is not a special formula or test that guarantees you hire the right person. For us, it is all about having a hiring process, one that works specifically for your company. 

Type "hiring process" into a search engine and up pop hundreds of suggestions on developing a hiring process - some are insightful; many less so. Some, as listed below, might be useful as you think about your own hiring process. 

The key points to remember as you look to hire the right person are:

  1. Set up a hiring process.
  2. Define the job up front.
  3. Identify the competencies and skills you need.
  4. Determine the appropriate salary, bonus, and incentives.
  5. Ask the right interview questions.
  6. Select an interview team.
  7. Decide if the recruiting process should be outsourced.
  8. Notify the people who are not candidates.

Hopefully, you found something new and useful in our January newsletter to improve your company's hiring process. If you find that you need assistance in answering the question "How do I ensure that my company hires the right person?" reach out to me through email or phone, and we will be glad to help in any way we can.

Have a great 2011!

Jim Geier
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