Human Capital Consulting Partners Newsletter March 2010
Step 2. Do You Have the Right People to Compete in the New Economy?

In our last newsletter, we began a discussion on the importance of having the right people in your organization to compete in your marketplace. We all know that we must have the right people resources to get business to the next level. It is clear that regardless of industry, revenue size, products or services, or number of employees, organizations constantly worry about the talent that is required to compete in this economy.


One of our clients mentioned in earlier newsletters said:


"When I joined we had six employees and $5 million in revenue; today we have 300 employees and over $500 million in revenue. In the beginning, I controlled all the people decisions. How do I ensure we hire and promote the right people because today we need a different type of skill and competency to compete in the marketplace?"


To help ensure you Have the Right People to Compete, Human Capital Consulting Partners recommends a multi-step plan. In this month's newsletter, we'll review Step 2. (Step 1: Define upfront your organizational needs is here.)


STEP 2    Define the culture of your organization.

  • Develop a vision, mission, destination, or set of values that will become your foundation.

  • Communicate your "culture" to all stakeholders (e.g., your customers, shareholders, employees, vendors, and the community at large).

  • Hire, develop, and promote employees who "fit" into your defined culture.

  • Measure the progress against your "culture" on a regular basis through focus groups, employee surveys, and customer input.

  • Hold employees accountable through a formal performance management system.

  • Be sure senior management "walks the talk."


Stayed tuned for additional steps to help you WIN in your business. In the meantime, if  we can be of assistance, contact either me or Marty Jordan, Western Regional Director.

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Human Capital Strategy Is Vital

Most organizations realize they need a manufacturing, a sales and marketing, and a financial strategy. But it is also critical for every organization to have a human capital--or people--strategy that is aligned with the organization's specific business strategy.

Human Capital Consulting Partners works with firms to develop a people strategy that supports the achievement of both their short- and long-term business goals.  

The finished strategy document will include the firm's HR philosophy as well as its HR programs and processes in the following areas:

Culture Alignment
Defines the values and the cultural dynamics that will be the foundation of your firm

Attraction, Retention and Development of People
Defines the people who you want to attract, engage, and retain

Defines the pay and incentive systems that will motivate your employees

Defines the benefit programs that will provide the appropriate level of protections for people and their families

HR Effectiveness
Defines the human resources function that will drive your human capital and business strategies

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