December 19, 2007  

Just wanted to keep you updated on some exciting things that have been happening at Human Capital Consulting Partners over the past few months.

New Consulting Opportunities
We've been working with a few new clients to assist them in solving their people problems. Listed below is a brief summary of the work we have done.

Client: A European biotechnology company
How to identify and quantify all the human capital resources issues as well as the employee communication challenges within 15 calendar days in support of the company's first acquisition in the U.S.?

HCCP Solution
Human Capital Consulting Partners developed a detailed list of all the human capital issues that must be addressed in the integration of the two companies, including internal communication, organization design, people selection and company culture. We also analyzed the acquired company's human resource programs, outlining plan design, costs and possible roadblocks. We then drafted the employee communication material that was sent to all employees when the deal closed.

More information on how to ensure you have a successful integration can be found in this article: "An Eight-Step Process for Ensuring Your Acquisition and the Integration are a Success" - Read more

Client: A start-up financial institution
How to set up the initial human resources practices, programs and processes?

HCCP Solution
Human Capital Consulting Partners created in conjunction with the CFO the necessary documents to initiate attracting and retaining the right employees. This included items such as job application, offer letter, as well as advice on the design of specific policies and procedures.

More information on how to insure you attract and retain the right people can be found in the article, "How to Attract and Retain Great People- A Seven Step Process? - Read more

Client: A privately held services company
How do we design the right compensation program for the Board of Directors?

HCCP Solution
Human Capital Consulting Partners interviewed the CEO and the Chair of the Compensation Committee to understand what they hoped to accomplish by instituting a board compensation program. We collected and analyzed board compensation data for similar companies in the marketplace. We then recommended a specific program design that fit with the company's overall objective, financial parameters and the marketplace.

Client: A global manufacturing and distribution company
What are the key human capital processes that are needed to grow the business and what role should the human resources function play in the company?

HCCP Solution
Human Capital Consulting Partners discussed with the President the business strategy and the people issues in accomplishing the company's strategy. We also conducted meetings with key managers and supervisors to understand their people challenges now and in the future. We reviewed all human capital processes and programs to be sure they met the needs of the business and were driving performance. We then presented a roadmap to the President that outlined all the human capital issues that need to be addressed including how best to structure the human resources function with a job and competency profile of the head of HR.

If Human Capital Consulting Partners can be of any assistance in helping you solve your people problems, contact us at 215-244-8110 or info@hccpartners.com.

Enjoy what's left of 2007 and thanks for your support! Our best wishes to you for a great holiday season and a happy and healthy 2008.


Jim Geier
Human Capital Consulting Partners

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