October 25, 2007  

For any business, the fourth quarter of the budget year is never easy. Regardless of industry, companies push hard in the remaining three months to attain their financial targets, performance goals, and milestones. At the same time, companies are in the planning stages for the next year. New products, customer churn, financial targets, and compensation planning go through detailed analysis to ensure improvement for the following year.

One of these areas that gets a high level of analysis and attention is compensation planning and specifically executive compensation. At this time of year, owners, management teams, and Boards spend countless hours designing and discussing how to create an effective executive compensation program that will drive business success, improve shareholder value, and motivate executives to reach their goals/milestones.

No doubt executive compensation is complicated. In an effort to help provide insights to companies as they design their executive compensation programs, I moderated for the Eastern Technology Council at their Business Building BootCamp in September a panel discussion on "How to Design an Effective Executive Compensation Program." The whole purpose of this discussion was to provide companies with a road map on the things to do and how to get them done as they create an executive compensation program for their company. If you are interested in the workbook from this meeting, it's available on the resources page our website.

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