July 17, 2007  

I just wanted to keep you updated on some exciting things that have been happening at Human Capital Consulting Partners over the past few months.

New Consulting Engagements
We've been working with a few new clients to assist them in solving their people problems. Below is a brief summary of the work we have done recently.

A division of a global biotechnology company

Assist the division head to develop teamwork in the management team

Human Capital Consulting Partners Solution
We conducted a one-day assimilation to understand the issues and challenges facing the management team. As a result of this meeting, we then created a working document that became the foundation for the division head to build teamwork in the group over the next 12 months.

A mid-stage biotechnology company

Identify and integrate all the human resources issues resulting from a merger of two mid-stage biotechnology companies

Human Capital Consulting Partners Solution
We developed a detailed list of all the human capital issues that must be addressed in the integration of the two companies such as internal communication, organization design, people selection, and company culture. We then advised management on the key human resources issues that would be impacted because of the transaction. Further information on how to insure a successful integration can be found in this article on our website, "An Eight-Step Process for Ensuring Your Acquisition and the Integration are a Success." Read more.

A privately held mid-sized services company

Provide a strategy and process for the Compensation Committee of the Board for a competitive and comprehensive executive compensation package for the CEO

Human Capital Consulting Partners Solution
We developed in conjunction with the compensation committee an overall compensation philosophy as it related to base pay, incentives, and perks. We then benchmarked the current compensation package of the CEO against external data to determine the competitiveness of the compensation package in the marketplace.

Speaking Engagements
We had the opportunity to speak at the following events dealing with specific human capital issues that were of concern to the audience:

Enjoy the rest of your summer! If Human Capital Consulting Partners can be of any assistance in helping you solve your people problems, contact us at 215-244-8110 or jimgeier@hccpartners.com.


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Human Capital Consulting Partners

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