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President's Letter
Legislative Update
Master Your Meetings: Robert's Rules in Real Life
Have Your Really Looked at Your Underwriting Lately?
California's Statement of Economic Interests: Information = Trust
Built to Last: 2011 Fall Conference

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Recent ARPM Designees 

Congratulations to our most recent Associates in Risk Pool Management (ARPM) designees!

Kelly Kilgore, Benefits Services Director, Midwest Public Risk,
Kansas City, MO

Kevin Smith, Executive Director, Alaska Municipal League Joint Insurance Association, Anchorage, AK  
CAJPA's New Contact Information

As of January 1, 2011, Smith Moore & Associates was hired to serve CAJPA in the capacity of association management and event planning services.


As a result of the transition, CAJPA now has new contact information. 



1215 K St., Ste. 2290

Sacramento, CA 95814


Phone: 916-231-2139

Fax: 916-231-2141


President's Letter
By Martin Brady, Executive Director, Schools Insurance Authority

Martin BradyWe all know the headlines and financial reports by heart these days. One can be forgiven for having dour assumptions about what lies ahead for our California cities, counties and schools. As I touched on briefly in a previous message, the Black Swan theory suggests that adversity can also present powerful, unique opportunities to look at our challenges anew and create new ways of solving problems.

Inherent in this theory is the importance of perseverance and maintaining a positive, forward-looking perspective. It is also crucial that we support one another in times like these, with open, honest communication and the sharing of information and experience.

It is imperative that we re-equip ourselves with the knowledge and strategies necessary to deal with the challenges that lie ahead. One easy and informative way to achieve this goal is by attending the annual CAJPA Fall Conference, which will be held September 7-9, 2011. The topics for this year's conference are wide-ranging and applicable to the myriad of issues we face every day. For more information about the conference, please visit the CAJPA website.

In closing, in the immortal words of famous U.S. actor and comedian Milton Berle (1908-2002), "If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door."

Thank you for your support of CAJPA, and best wishes to all for an enjoyable summer!


Legislative Update
By Julianne Broyles, CAJPA Legislative Advocate, California Advocates

Juli Broyles photo

The 2011 legislative session has now passed the midway point and CAJPA legislative leaders are working to promote and protect risk management JPA member interests by participating in stakeholder meetings, committee hearings, meeting with members of the Legislature and legislative staff, and briefing committee consultants.


More than 2,650 bills have been introduced so far in the 2011-2012 legislative session. Since January, CAJPA's Legislative Committee has reviewed several hundred bills and actively tracks approximately 200 bills of interest. The general issue areas covered in CAJPA tracked bills include health care, loss control, JPA operations, tort liability, and workers' compensation. 


In 2011, the Legislative Committee has designated more than 60 bills where CAJPA has taken a support, oppose or neutral as amended position. The active legislation list also contains bills that CAJPA is watching closely due to priority issues in particular pieces of legislation. To see a list of all legislation tracked by CAJPA, go to the CAJPA website at A complete copy of the current CAJPA Key Bill list is at the end of this update.



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Master Your Meetings: Robert's Rules in Real Life
Ann G. Macfarlane, Professional Registered Parliamentarian, Jurassic Parliament

Ann MacfarlaneAmending a motion is one of the most common acts a board undertakes, yet it is very often misunderstood. In this issue we'll share a few tips to clarify some of the more mysterious aspects of "amendment."

1. An amendment is intended to improve a motion. When a board is discussing a proposal for action, a "motion," a member proposes "to amend the motion" in order to strengthen it, or make it more likely to pass.

2. An amendment must be "germane." Amendments must be relevant to the motion at hand (unless you are the U.S. Congress). If the board is discussing a motion to purchase new computers, someone who proposes to add the words "and also a new office refrigerator" will be out of luck.

3. Amendments can be made in several ways: by adding or inserting words, by striking out words, by striking out and then adding or inserting different words, or by substituting language (which has some tricky aspects).

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Have You Really Looked at Your Underwriting Lately?
James Marta, CPA, ARPM, CAJPA Accreditation Manager 

Once a group of governments gets together to form an insurance JPA and comes up with an agreement, the next most important steps are to determine what exposures you are going to cover and how to allocate your costs. This is the basis of underwriting. Underwriting methods vary greatly. Some allocate expected losses based purely on exposure (ie. member budgets, ADA, payroll, Total Insured Values {TIV}, while others allocate costs purely on experience (ie. what losses the member has had in the past). Exposure methods are best for the large excess exposures where frequency is low and severity is high. Experience methods are typically best for exposures that are smaller in value and frequency is high. You wouldn't want to use experience as a measure to cover dam failure. The member rate may drop over many years, but the exposure is still there.

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Join the Forum!
California Statement of Economic Interests: Information = Trust
Ann Ravel, Chair, California Fair Political Practices Commission  
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What do California's governor, a city manager, a member of a Joint Powers Authority and more than 100,000 other state and local elected and appointed officials and many government employees have in common?  Each year these officials are required to disclose to the public their financial holdings, so the public can feel confident that officials are representing the interests of those they serve, and not non-public sources of income. 

I'm Ann Ravel, the Chair of the Fair Political Practices Commission-the state agency responsible for ensuring accurate and timely disclosure of political campaign contributions and the economic holdings of public officials.  One of my first initiatives is to devote more Commission resources to educating officials about how to meet their obligations and responsibilities. I believe the better you understand what we require of you, the less likely you will inadvertently violate the law.  Generally, public officials obey the laws requiring disclosure and avoidance of conflicts of interest when they are informed about the requirements.  It is my goal to rebuild the public trust in hardworking government officials through more information and disclosure.

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Built to Last 

30 Years of Serving Pools

Welcoming AGRiP!  

Fall Logo
September 6-9, 2011
South Lake Tahoe

CAJPA's Annual Fall Conference & Training Seminar is one conference JPAs and Pools can't afford to miss! Attendees will have the opportunity to network and build relationships, listen to top-notch speakers in the industry, and learn about cutting-edge products and services in the exhibit hall. With nearly 40 sessions, there is something for everyone. Some of the sessions offered include:

Equity for Your Pool - Equity for your Members
Durable Strategies for Managing Employees with Serial
  Workers' Compensation Claims
Violence Risk Assessment & Management to Dynamic   
  Incidents of Violence: A Brief, Practical and Defensible
Under Construction: The Department of Industrial Relations

For a complete list of sessions including topics on health care, legislation, litigation and liability, loss control, human resources, workers' compensation, finance, and more, download the registration brochure.

CAJPA is happy to announce that the discounted registration rate has been extended to August 5, 2011. Save your agency $50 and register today!

CAJPA has secured a block of rooms at Harrah's, Harveys and Embassy Suites. If you haven't already taken advantage of their rates, call and reserve your room today - rooms are filling up quickly! Complete details on the room blocks can be located at  

We'll see you in South Lake Tahoe!


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