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Success breeds success. And after some good results it is common for small businesses to rush into rapid expansion. While growth is a necessary goal, it must be planned with precision and meticulously managed.


At one time or another, every firm goes through a growth spurt and, whether it's a multi-national corporation or a small enterprise, expansion can be a tough process to navigate

Mid-life crisis   

The mid-life crisis - people have them - and businesses do too. Small businesses often suffer from a stagnant work environment, but employing simple strategies can force your business out of the rut.


In the beginning, it was all about passion. A key ingredient to the success of a small business start-up, that passion may find itself dwindling through the years.

Classifying Clients    

Despite folklore that talks about the client always being right, the fact is that all clients are not created equal. Some clients are more profitable than others while others hold the potential to be profitable.


Take the time to examine your client base to identify those who provide most of your income as well as those who contribute much less

Manage CRM   

Customer-driven applications have been in existence for years. Successful businesses have always utilized the principles of which Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems now formalize.