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"CEO Insights" Seminar Series Features West Mathison this September


We are proud to announce a new seminar series titled "CEO Insights". Our second seminar is September 13th and will feature West Mathison. West has served as the president of Stemilt Growers since 2005. The Mathison family has owned and operated Stemilt, a leading tree fruit growing, packing, and shipping company based in Wenatchee, WA since 1964.

West will be speaking on supply chain management, leadership, and strategy development... 


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Expand Your Client Base


If you want to expand your client base, a good place to start is by asking yourself if your marketing is clear, sound and persuasive.  Does your marketing convince skeptical clients that your service is the one for the job?  If not, it may not be working to your advantage.... 


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How To Get Hold of Cash Quickly       


"Liquidity" was a term little known to the non-financial world until two years ago when the Global Financial Crisis sucked the liquidity out of the world's money markets.


For small firms the crisis meant an end to cheap loans from banks, creating another crisis on its own. Small businesses rarely have a monetary buffer large enough to cushion against the inevitable....


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Advice on Firing Team Members


The process of letting a team member go is uncomfortable and upsetting. However there are a few guidelines that can help soften the blow called the five Ws - who, what, when, where and why.


Start with who - think about the team member and what you know about them. Be sure to empathize with their personality: this helps you to feel secure, as well as putting your team member at ease and making them feel less like...


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Advice on Firing Team Members
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