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"CEO Insights" Seminar Series Features West Mathison this September


We are proud to announce a new seminar series titled "CEO Insights".  Our second seminar is September 13th and will feature West Mathison. West has served as the president of Stemilt Growers since 2005. The Mathison family has owned and operated Stemilt, a leading tree fruit growing, packing, and shipping company based in Wenatchee, WA since 1964.

West will be speaking on supply chain management, leadership, and strategy development... 


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Handing Over the Family Business      


According to the Small Business Administration in the USA, only a third of family-run firms make it to the second generation. What are the strategies to ensuring your firm is one of those that survive? The key is succession planning. 
Succession planning can limit dissemination and downfall, and can be a simple step-by-step process that will ensure future success. It requires a long term approach: investing in mentorship and leadership can reap benefits as many as 20 years down the line...

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Payoffs of Training Staff


Training your team members appropriately and frequently is indeed an investment - and one with a powerful return. When your team members are nurtured with the necessary staples they will make better decisions, their relationships will improve and their opinions will show deeper insight.  
Training can mean seminars, lectures and workshops, manuals, memos and meetings. There are many


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IT Security as a Competitive Advantage


In 1991 Charles Cresson Wood wrote an article entitled 'Using Information Security to Achieve Competitive Advantages'. He would later become the recipient of the Computer Security Institutes Lifetime Achievement Award. 
In 2004, at its worldwide partner conference, Microsoft pitched security...


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Payoffs of Training Staff
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