March 2011 Issue
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Measuring Client Satisfaction   

Firms can spend thousands of dollars on advice from consultants and business experts, but often the best advice is freely given by the people that matter most - your clients. When you ask a client to write several sentences about their experiences it is also a great way to test confidence in your firm. Which clients would you ask? Are your clients prepared to vouch for your firm with their name? Are you prepared to... 

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Learning to Share at Work (Google vs. Microsoft) 

The ease of sharing documents over email was a major advance over sending faxes or posting letters, but that convenience gave rise to other issues. When two or more people were working on a document - editing a sales proposal or a design brief, for example - it became very difficult to stay on top of the latest version. Workarounds such

as renaming ...
The Power of Video Marketing   

Television commercials are considered the most effective advertising method, reflected in the high prices commercial stations charge for running one. This is not just because a lot of people watching TV will see the ad - the medium itself engages more senses than radio or print and can make a greater impact on viewers. The internet has made it possible for firms to avoid the hassle and expense of television networks by screening video commercials themselves. Your firm's website is a channel of information that your clients will seek out to learn...

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Measuring Client Satisfaction
Learning to Share at Work
The Power of Video Marketing
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