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September 25, 2012
Contact: Brittany Sloan
Planning, Building & Development Department
Unincorporated Residents Eligible for Flood Insurance Premium Discounts

Lake County is pleased to announce that, property owners residing in unincorporated Lake County may be eligible to save an average of more than $200 a year on their flood insurance policies.


Since 2008, thanks to the leadership of the County Board, Lake County has participated in the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) Community Rating System (CRS) program. With a Class 6 community rating, residents within unincorporated Lake County who meet certain requirements are eligible for up to a 20% savings on flood insurance premiums. Residents should contact their flood insurance agent to obtain individual savings information. 


In order to maintain its favorable rating, an Annual Evaluation Report for the County-Wide All Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan for unincorporated Lake County was prepared. This report is available on the County's website.


Highlights from the report include:

  • Lake County approved two (2) projects to remove structures from the floodplain
  • Lake County Stormwater Management Commission received funds to purchase three (3) repetitively flooded properties in unincorporated Lake County
  • Lake County has contributed to six (6) projects to improve capacity of existing drainage systems through the Drainage Improvement Fund



Over 960 flood insurance policies in unincorporated Lake County

$900,000 total annual premiums without CRS participation

$195,000 total annual savings for residents

0%, 10%, or 20% savings, depending upon flood risk