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May 1, 2012
There he goes AGAIN! 

Fuzzy Math


Mike Turzai wants to auction off a total of 1,600 licenses. This is almost 1,000 MORE licenses than we currently have in Pennsylvania.


Turzai's proposed auction, according to his numbers, would generate - for a ONE TIME influx of cash - the same amount of money that the current PLCB system generates in ONE YEAR.


Does this make sense to anyone?

Ideology trumps good idea


The PA State Senate unanimously passed a bill to allow Pennsylvanians to have wine shipped directly to their homes. The concept is supported by the PLCB and everyone seems to think it's a good idea - EXCEPT Mike Turzai!


In fact, Rep. Turzai's spokesperson has said they will NOT run the Senate bill in the House. 


Furthermore, he said that, if other legislators wanted direct shipment of wine, they would have to vote for Mike Turzai's privatization bill to get it. 


All or nothing.


Why are our elected representatives letting Mike Turzai put HIS ideology and half-baked schemes ahead of the wishes of the citizens of the Commonwealth?

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House GOP Leader Mike Turzai is back with yet another plan to dismantle the PA Liquor Control Board...


...AND put 5,000 Pennsylvanians on the unemployment line.


Unfortunately for Turzai and the privateers, House Bill 11, Version 3.0, is no better than the most recent version that was overwhelmingly rejected by his House colleagues.  

man with wine glass 

Under the 3.0 version, 

Pennsylvania would have the highest gallonage tax on wine in the nation. 


In fact, Pennsylvania's wine tax would be $3 higher than the next state! 


Pennsylvania would have the third highest tax rate on spirits in the nation as well.


Turzai has increased the number of licenses he wants to auction off from 650 to 1,250 and now, finally, to 1,600. BUT he also concedes, once and for all, that an auction would generate $500 million to $750 million instead of the $2 billion - even as high as $8 billion - he originally insisted would be generated.


To put it very directly: Turzai has added 1,000 licenses and lost $1.5 billion or so along the way.  What gives? 


Remember, the current system generates $530 million EVERY YEAR in taxes and profit for the state. 

It makes no sense to dismantle this valuable asset so that out-of-state corporate interests can cash in. 



To read more about Mike Turzai's latest scheme, click here. 

Washington State Auction is a Bust


Pennsylvania lawmakers should cast a wary eye westward before making any foolhardy votes to dismantle the PLCB, a public asset that generates $530 million a year in taxes and profits, provides 5,000 Pennsylvania jobs, and helps to keep all of our communities safer.



Officials in Washington State last week auctioned off 167 licenses for a total take of $30.75 million - an average of only $184,000 per license.

If Pennsylvania were to go down the same path as Washington, the state would realize roughly $295 million (one time only) for an auction of 1,250 licenses - slightly more than half of what the current system generates in a single year.

To read more about the Washington State auction, click here.

Get the FACTS about privatization!

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Before you vote to privatize the Pennsylvania Wine and Spirits stores, you should know the facts.


Visit our website for more information. You can also find more information at the We Can't Afford It PA website.