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March 5, 2012
Support for modernization is the fiscally conservative position
Senate Bill 1287 would:
  Eliminate the "one size fits all pricing" structure now in place and allow more flexibility based on the market and demands
of customers.
 Provide the PLCB with greater flexibility in hiring outside the Civil Service System, creating more efficiency, savings
and a greater profit
for the state. 
 Allow the PLCB to institute a more efficient and modern procurement process to take more advantage of the agency's purchasing power.
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It's fiscally irresponsible to privatize!


The PLCB has instituted improvements such as online marketing, staff training, specialty stores, expanded and Sunday hours, wine and spirits stores in supermarkets, home delivery, world class wine 

festivals, and more. 


The wine industry in California recognizes Pennsylvania as a wine-friendly state.


The dictatorial approach of Rep. Mike Turzai - insisting on privatization and opposing modernization - is damaging to the Commonwealth and its finances. 


This is why continuing to modernize and making changes to improve sales and marketing, as well as operations, is the most prudent course for the Legislature.


Keeping a valuable asset such as the state's Wine and Spirits stores, and working to improve their operations, is the most fiscally conservative public policy option that the Legislature could take.


Saying "the best way to modernize is to privatize," as Turzai keeps saying, is out of touch and is not fiscally conservative.

Columnist points out: "No cow, no



Pennsylvania is not the only place where privatization has been proposed. 

In a column that appeared in last week's Ottawa Citizen, Ken Gray says that "it doesn't matter if the government is in the liquor industry or not because someone, private or public, will do it. What is important is that Ontarians receive the best service at the lowest cost in any endeavour." 


Gray adds: "And surprisingly, in a world where government enterprise tends to be rather inefficient, the LCBO [Liquor Control Board of Ontario] does a pretty good job." 


Gray goes on to talk about a York University study on the LCBO which showed that "privatization in Alberta has resulted in higher product prices, smaller product  selection, higher warehousing and distribution costs, and higher social costs."  


The column continues: "Alberta Premier Ralph Klein has conceded that the Alberta Liquor Control Board  privatization is counterproductive. The York study showed privatization price increases in Alberta of between 14 and 17 per cent. My unscientific study showed Alberta prices were about 12.4 per cent higher than Ontario's. That's  what LCBO buying power and economies of scale can do."


It's the same story in Pennsylvania. 


As Gray points out - without a cash cow, you have no milk!


Read the full story in the Ottawa Citizen here. 

Get the FACTS about privatization!

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Before you vote to privatize the Pennsylvania Wine and Spirits stores, you should know the facts.


Visit our website for more information. You can also find more information at the We Can't Afford It PA website.