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February 29, 2012
Modernization = More Revenue
Senate Bill 1287 would:
  Eliminate the "one size fits all pricing" structure now in place and allow more flexibility based on the market and demands
of customers.
 Provide the PLCB with greater flexibility in hiring outside the Civil Service System, creating more efficiency, savings
and a greater profit
for the state. 
 Allow the PLCB to institute a more efficient and modern procurement process to take more advantage of the agency's purchasing power.
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The privateers just 

don't get it!


In spite of growing public opposition, House GOP Leader Turzai continues to push his plan to dismantle the PLCB.


Voters across the state have repeatedly said that privatization is not a priority issue to be addressed by the General Assembly.


Even in Rep. Turzai's own backyard, Cranberry Township, residents oppose privatization by more than 82 percent!


At the same time, there is increasing support for modernization of the Wine and Spirits stores - an idea that will increase the revenue raised for Pennsylvania's budget!

According to a recent article in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:


"The LCB could generate about $150 million annually in profit for the state, compared
with this year's roughly $83 million, 
if state 
lawmakers approve a series of proposals aimed at making the agency run more like a traditional business, said Joe Conti, the LCB's chief executive officer, during a meeting with Tribune-Review editors and reporters on Tuesday.


"Proposals include giving the LCB more flexibility in determining prices and what products go on sale, expanding Sunday store hours, selling lottery tickets and altering the way the agency awards contracts.


'We're probably too fiscally sound to replace. There's something that makes it very difficult to make the numbers work (under privatization), especially if we get this fiscal enhancement package,' Conti said. 'I think we're the only people who are going to walk into the appropriations hearings and say we have money for you.' "


Read the full story in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review here. 

Cranberry Patch poll in Turzai's district shows he's out of touch!


A poll conducted on the Cranberry Patch website (covering Cranberry Township in Allegheny County) asked readers if Pennsylvania should privatize the sale of wine and spirits.  

As you'll see in the chart below (updated as of 2/27/12), a huge majority (82%) of the respondents from Rep. Turzai's home area are opposed to privatizing the state's wine and spirits stores.


So, tell us again:  WHY is this issue still being pursued by Rep. Turzai?  

A "Yes" vote was to say that "the government should not run a business, that is the public sector's job." A "No" vote said that "the current system of state stores is just fine." 
Read the article here.

Get the FACTS about privatization!

PLCB member 2

Before you vote to privatize the Pennsylvania Wine and Spirits stores, you should know the facts.


Visit our website for more information. You can also find more information at the We Can't Afford It PA website.