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February 13, 2012
Take the handcuffs off the PLCB and generate $75 million in NEW REVENUE!


Lawmakers have an opportunity to modernize the PA Wine and Spirits Shops and allow an agency that already creates more than $500 million a year in revenue for the state to generate an even greater return for every taxpayer.


Legislation now pending in the General Assembly would help this publicly-owned asset generate $75 million a year in new revenue. 


Senate Bill 1287 would:

  • Eliminate the "one size fits all" pricing structure now in place and allow more flexibility based on the market and demands of customers.
  • Provide the PLCB with greater flexibility in hiring outside the Civil Service System, creating more efficiency, savings and a greater profit for the Commonwealth. Other state agencies such as the PUC already have this authority.
  • Allow the PLCB to institute a more efficient and modern procurement process to take more advantage of the agency's purchasing power.


Gov. Corbett's 2012-2013 budget proposal calls for crippling cuts to our public schools, colleges and universities, programs for the needy, healthcare for our seniors and the most vulnerable among us. 

Lawmakers should pass SB 1287 and help to close the state's budget gap without jeopardizing Pennsylvanians. 


Please support SB 1287 to help forestall more devastating budget cuts. 


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Philadelphia Inquirer - February 10, 2012


Mangling data on liquor privatization


No matter how Antony Davies and other privateers mangle data compiled by the nonpartisan and universally respected U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the fact is that a panel of CDC experts has recommended against privatization of retail sale of alcohol ("Ignore alcohol-sales fairy tale," Feb. 3).


The CDC's Task Force on Community Preventive Services cited strong evidence from 21 different studies that say that privatization results in increased per-capita alcohol consumption. 


In April 2011, the Task Force pointed to "excessive evidence" that the result is "excessive consump-tion, which is one of the leading causes of preventable death and disability."


Case closed.


Wendell W. Young IV, president, United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1776; chair, UFCW of PA Wine and Spirits Council, Plymouth Meeting

Get the FACTS about privatization!


Before you vote to privatize the Pennsylvania Wine and Spirits stores, you should know the facts.


Visit our website for more information. You can also find more information at the We Can't Afford It PA website.