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February 6, 2012
Best ways to balance the PA state budget!
Here are just a few suggestions to help balance the PA budget from CLEAR: 
Modernize the PLCB:

$75 million

Tax Fairness

Fair Oil and Gas Drilling Statewide Excise Tax:  
$247 million

Close the Delaware Corporate Tax Loophole:  
$550 million

Close the Sales Tax Discount Loophole:
$74 million 
Greater Efficiency

Right-Sizing the Management-     Worker Ratio:
$214 million

State Contracting Reform:
$200 million
Spending Reforms

Cut Medicaid Provider Fraud and Abuse:
$60 million

Halt Wasteful Charter and Cyber School Costs:
$175 million
Maximize Revenues

Improve State Tax Collections:
$231 million

Increase Collections Under PA's Unclaimed Property Laws:
$50 million
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Pennsylvania state government must take action to face its current fiscal challenges and balance its budget. 


There are some steps that Pennsylvania should clearly not take: divesting in our state's future by continuing to slash investments in schools and vital services; privatizing government services, an approach that actually costs more and can undermine quality and efficiency; and cutting corporate taxes, which reduces state revenues while doing little to create jobs. 


Instead, Governor Corbett and the General Assembly have more responsible and fiscally sound options to balance the state's budget.  

These include:

  • Restoring fairness to Pennsylvania's tax system
  • Demanding greater efficiency from state government
  • Cutting wasteful spending
  • Maximizing revenues

These suggestions for bringing in over 2.3 BILLION DOLLARS every year for our PA state budget are detailed in a report called "Fairness, Efficiency and Innovation to Improve Government Performance and Balance the Budget." 


This report was compiled from suggestions from state employees and other workers and can be found on the CLEAR for PA website. 


UFCW Locals 1776 and 23 are members of this Coalition of labor unions representing state employees and many other workers across our Commonwealth.


Because our members are on the front lines, delivering services to PA citizens every day, they are in the best position to identify waste and suggest more efficient ways to provide services and save tax dollars. 

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Click the logo to visit the CLEAR for PA website for more details. 

Get the FACTS about privatization!


Before you vote to privatize the Pennsylvania Wine and Spirits stores, you should know the facts.


Visit our website for more information. You can also find more information at the We Can't Afford It PA website.