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Grooming a Drop-Coated Mixed Breed in a Hand-Scissored Layer Trim
Personal Interview with Awarding Winning Creative Stylist Angela Kumpe
Slope Side Chats: What Do You Look for In a New Hire?
Maintaining a Rustic Coat
Fabulous Finishing Touches #4: How to Color Ears & Add 'Puttoos' to a Pooch
Double Feature! Grooming the Bichon in a Modified Bichon Trim
Cat Grooming with Kendra
Dematting Tips for Any Breed
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Hundreds of Videos to Watch At (and cats)!

For the first time ever, you can expand your educational horizon - and never leave home to do it! 

Did you know (and cats) now has over 232 videos in the streaming video library? We have hundreds of grooming demonstrations where you have a front row seat as award-winning stylists demonstrate how it's done. And grooming demonstrations aren't our only topics. Oh no. If it has anything to do with the pet grooming industry, we are seeking it out and bringing it to you.


With so much information on the site, finding the exact lessons you're looking for can be a bit of a challenge. For the first time ever, you can expand your educational horizon - and never leave home to do it! You've told us - and we've listened. You now have multiple ways to find titles that interest you.      


3 Simple Way to Search the Learn2GroomDogs Site


  1. Use the Learn2GroomDogs website search engine
  2. Search for lessons hosted by your favorite Learn2GroomDogs Trainer Partner
  3. Review all the titles on Learn2GroomDogs using our NEW PDF Master List


Using the Learn2GroomDogs

Search Engine


Learn2GroomDogs has a powerful search engine. You can find the Search Engine on the Home Page of the site. Simply type in a few key words of what you would like to learn more about. Do you want to learn about a particular breed? Type in the name of the breed you're looking for - such as 'Poodle.' All of the videos on the website that feature a Poodle will show up in the drop-down box. Are you trying to master a particular skill, such as scissoring? Type in the word 'scissoring' and you will be amazed at the number of videos at your fingertips. When working with the search engine, we suggest you limit the number of words. This will allow you to see the widest variety of videos available while focusing on your intended subject matter.  

Training Partners


Our Training Partners are some of the best in the business! All of the grooming demonstrations are presented by Certified Master Groomers from one of the voluntary national testing organizations. Many of the L2DG Training Partners have earned the right to be members of GroomTeam USA. We are constantly on the lookout for knowledgeable presenters in all aspects of our industry, whether it be pet massage, sales and marketing, product knowledge or a wide array of other topics.


To make it simple for you, all of our Training Partners are listed in just two groups - Grooming & Styling or Business & Management. Simply click on the name on the Home Page. The site will take you to their full bio. At the Biography area, you will see a listing of all the videos that particular Training Partner has on Remember, many of our Training Partners are multi-talented. You'll find their names listed in both areas based on the content of their videos.  

PDF Master List:  

Table of Contents


The Master List is a PDF list of all the videos currently available. We've included those video lessons that are in the process of being edited, as well. Technology is great, but sometimes having a hard copy in your hands just works better!


We have added key information right on the page. With just a quick glance, you can isolate the subject matter, title, Training Partner, release date, video length, and general category as it is listed on L2GD. With this easy-to-use reference guide, you can now navigate the site with ease.


The Table of Contents  

consists of...



  • Core Grooming Skills & Techniques
  • Sporting Group
  • Hound Group
  • Working Group
  • Terrier Group
  • Toy Group
  • Non-Sporting Group
  • Herding Group
  • Mixed Breeds
  • Miscellaneous Grooming

 Business & Operations

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Equipment & Grooming Supplies
  • Groomer Health & Well-Being
  • Pet Health & Well-Being
  • Repairs & Maintenance
  • Cats
  • Facility Tours
  • Creative Pet Styling (Color & Bling)
  • Personal Interview
  • Miscellaneous

So how do you use this as a tool? Find a video that catches your fancy and type in a few key words of its title into the search engine. If the title is "Grooming the Pet Bichon in a Modified Show Trim," just type "Bichon" or "Pet Bichon" to narrow the selection. The search engine will find all the videos on the site matching your search criteria. Or, you can simply type in the training partner's name. All of their videos currently available on the site will come up.


The wealth of knowledge packed into the site is simply amazing - and it's growing! Every month we add 10 new videos. Never before has learning been so easy - and so economical! It's like having a grooming show right on your computer!   


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 Sneak Peek Previews
Grooming a Drop-Coated Mixed Breed in a Hand-Scissored Layer Trim

Lindsey Dicken, NCMG 

You either love this coat or hate it. Lots of breeds have this coat texture - the drop-coat. How many of you have owners that want their pet styled a bit longer than even the longest guard comb can leave it? Lindsey shows you a fun and easy way to go 'freestyle.' She uses a great technique to freehand scissor this super cute little Lhasa mix. To get the soft, cuddly look, she uses mostly thinning shears and blenders. Lindsey shares tricks to get a beautiful, plush finish in no time. She talks you through the entire trim including how to use reference points as you work so you get a consistent look every time. 

Part 1:
Trimming the Body and Legs

In this section, Lindsey shows you how to establish the length of the trim by starting with a single cut. Once the length is established, then she works methodically around the dog in sections. As she works, she talks about common faults typically found in this type of dog and what you can do to help disguise them.    

Part 2:  
Styling the Head and
Finish Detail Work  

The most importa
nt part of this groom is the head piece. Even if the rest of the trim is a little off, if the face is super cute, the owner is going to love the haircut! In Part 2, she shows you how to get an adorable, soft little face that frames the eyes. This little dog had an overabundance of ear coat offering a great lesson on how to set the ears into the head piece.

Personal Interview with Awarding Winning

Creative Stylist Angela Kumpe

Anglea Kumpe 
How does a back-woods dog groomer become one of the top creative stylists in the nation? Angela Kumpe lives in a tiny town outside Little Rock, Arkansas. In a community where the highlight is the local Dollar Store, Angela has been able to successfully build a creative styling career. It's hard to believe, but it's true! Even her everyday clients buy into her imaginative spirit. In this interview, she shares a wealth of insight into how she got her start. Who's her support team? How does she pitch her skills to the local community? Why she says, "Creative grooming is a license for FUN!" 

Slope Side Chats: What Do You Look for In a New Hire?
Kathy Rose, Melissa Verplank, and Teri DiMarino


You're a one-person show and your business is booming. You're working long hours. You need help. But you've never hired anyone. Or maybe you have, but you haven't had much success finding the right 'fit' for your salon. What do you look for when hiring a new team member? With over 90 years combined experience, these seasoned pros have done their fair share of hiring. They share what they have learned over the years when going through the hiring process. 

  Maintaining a Rustic Coat

Kendra Otto  


What the heck is a 'rustic coat?' That's just what we thought when we asked Kendra Otto to become a L2GD Training Partner. It turns out, Kendra has done her homework on this coat type. She shares how to properly care for this coat type, ensuring it does not become a shave down! This coat type comes on a variety of breeds including the Hungarian Pumi and the Italian Lagotto. In this session, Kendra focuses on the care and upkeep of this coat type. 

Click Here for the Sneak Peek 


Welcome to   


Select from 232 training videos - all available with just a few simple mouse clicks!


For the first time ever, you don't have to travel to shows or clinics to learn the secrets of the masters - we bring them right to you! All of our Training Partners are at the tops of their fields. (and cats) is a unique way to get  

the edge on your competition.  


Join us! (and cats)  

is for you if:

  • You want to learn simple tricks to make every day pet grooming easier
  • You struggle to complete 6-8 grooms a day with ease  
  • You want to know how your work compares to other stylists
  • You are looking for an easy way to enhance your current grooming skills
  • Want to train with top professionals in the pet grooming industry

Here are a few of the items you'll learn in the videos that are going up for full view today.


  • Grooming the Bichon Mix in a Modified Bichon Trim: Double Feature - Lindsey Dicken, NCMG: How to add style as flair at the tail and how to brighten the expression of the dog
  • Fabulous Finishing Touches #4: How to Color Ears & Add 'Puttoos' to a Pooch - Angela Kumpe: How to Prevent Dye From Getting Onto Areas You Don't Want Color
  • Dematting Tips for Any Breed - Karen Tucker, NCMG: When is the Right Time to Bathe a Tangled Pet
  • Cat Grooming with Kendra - The Barbary Lion Trim: Kendra Otto, CMG - Why a Barbary Lion Trim Works Well for This Cat

We have some amazing footage to share with you. See what is on our editing table in these fabulous Sneak Peeks  

for our latest releases

  • Personal Interview with Awarding-Winning Creative Stylist, Angela Kumpe
  • Maintaining a Rustic Coat - Kendra Otto, CMG 
  • Slope Side Chats: What Do You Look for In a New Hire? Kathy Rose, Melissa Verplank,and Teri DiMarino
  • Double Feature: Grooming the Bichon Mix in a Modified Bichon Trim - Lindsey Dicken, NCMG

Membership pricing as low as $33.60


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Happy Trimming,

Melissa Verplank



Videos Going up for Full View Today

Fabulous Finishing Touches #4: How to Color Ears & Add 'Puttoos' to a Pooch

Angela Kumpe     

Have you ever wondered how those dogs get bright
ly colored ears? Angela shows you in this video lesson. She tells you what products work great for her, how to apply the dye, plus tips on how NOT to get the color on other parts of the dog! She also gives you hints on how to plan out the color so you don't get caught with the WRONG color for an upcoming holiday! Next, she shows you how easy it is to custom make your own 'puttoo' for your clients. Don't know where to get the image or design? Angela tells you in this video. This lesson is full of creative ways to dress up a dog with color and fun stencils.

Private, hands-on classes are available at Angela's Grooming in Little Rock, AR.  Please contact us for availability.  501.888.3647 or angela@angela's

In this video you will learn:              

  • Which products work best and how to apply them
  • Where to find great designs for your oun 'puttoos'
  • How to prevent dye from getting onto areas where you don't want color
  • How to apply a 'puttoo'
  • How long the color and/or design will last in each area
Approximate running times: 30 minutes



Click Here to See the Video

Grooming the Bichon Mix in a Modified
Bichon Trim

Lindsey Dicken, NCMG      

This is a highly stylized trim that's appealing and easy to achieve. Lindsey shows you step-by-step how to set this modified Bichon pattern with a clipper.  The longer snap-on comb leaves a plush finish that can easily be blended into a fuller leg.  As Lindsey works over the dog, she gives you great hints for how to bring out the best features of the Bichon while hiding faults.  She discusses how to establish reference points aiding in setting the pattern consistently every time.  The short ear style is a stand-out feature on this dog. It's cute. It's appealing. Amazingly, the short ear style was developed to ward off a health issues on this dog! Find out how and why Lindsey created this custom trim for this client.
This lesson is packed so full of great information, that we have broken it into a double feature.  PLUS!  We've broken those lessons into small, bite-sized chunks.  The entire lesson runs just over an hour, but if you don't have an hour to spare in one sitting, you can watch it chunk-by-chunk.


In Part 1, Setting the Pattern on the Body and Trimming Legs, you will learn:              

  • Which blades can be used to establish this 'look'
  • How to add style and flair at the tail
  • Tips to set the 'focal center' of the dog
  • Tricks to help perfect smoothness of the trim
  • How to use structure to pull the look together
Approximate running times: 35 minutes



Click Here to See the Video   


In Part 2, Styling the Head Styling and Finish Detail Work, you will learn:
  • How to clip the ear
  • How to brighten the expression of the dog
  • How to bevel the visor
  • How to shape the jawline
  • How NOT to get a pinched look with the head
Approximate running times: 26 minutes



Click Here to See the Video  

Cat Grooming with Kendra
- The Barbary Lion Trim

Kendra Otto


Meet Spirit, Kendra Otto's personal feline. She is fun, sassy, and inquisitive - plus - she sheds! To overcome the hair problem in her home, Kendra designed this super-fast haircut for her kitty after the Barbary Lion. The Barbary Lion is one of two sub-species of lion that possesses dark belly fringe that extends throughout the groin. In this video, Kendra walks you through the steps of this trim. She tells you what blade to use on the body of the cat. Kendra clearly shows you where to place the pattern and how to blend it all together for a stylist look.   


In this video you will learn:              

  • Where to set the pattern lines
  • Which blades to use on the body of the cat
  • Why a Barbary Lion Trim works well for this cat
  • How to create a 'tummy tunnel'
  • Why and how to shave foot pads

Approximate running times: 25 minutes



Click Here to See the Video 

Dematting Tips for Any Breed

Karen Tucker, NCMG    


Dematting. We deal with this every day. It's what guarantees we'll have work tomorrow! We know - it's a love/hate relationship. In this lesson, awarding winning stylist, Karen Tucker gives you a great lesson on how to demat quickly and painlessly. Her key secrets almost make the tangles melt away. We're not talking a severely matted pet - but those pets that come in every 5-6 weeks. These are the owners who don't know what a brush looks like between grooming. How can you save coat, remove knots and tangles while doing it in a manner that is soothing to the pet and efficient for you? Karen will show you how easy it is!    


Karen in available for private training.  Please contact her for cost and availability - 407.830.6655 or 


In this video you will learn:              

  • The right time to bathe a pet that has tangles in the coat
  • Which tools she uses to remove tangles
  • What products she keeps in her misting bottle
  • The technique you should be using as you work over a pet
  • How to ensure all the mats are removed
 Approximate running times: 22 minutes



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