'Tails' from  

Holidays Past

A Gift for our Members  


In this video session, all four of us sit down together to talk about lessons we've learned from holidays past. With over 113 years of experience between us, we have a lot to share. We talk about some of the highlights that stand out in our minds as professional pet groomers and stylists. Some of the lessons are just fun and silly, while others share a lesson to be learned. We cover tips and tricks that apply to busy salons as well as mobile grooming. Grab a cup of eggnog and join us for this holiday lesson - and our gift to you for being a member.  


In this video you will learn:        

  • Some of the stand-out gifts we've received from clients
  • How do you maintain your energy level during the season of 'plenty'
  • The best ways to schedule your appointments
  • The types of gifts we give our clients 
  • Some traditions that we honor year after year in our salons

Approximate video length:  34 Minutes 

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I want to thank you for a wonderful year.  It's been a pleasure providing you with these exciting and educational videos.  We hope to see you in 2012.  Happy Holidays!
Melissa Verplank
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