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Grooming the Shih Tzu/Pug
Feline Temperament and Handling
Feline Health and Anatomy
Shear Basics
Grooming the Pet Afghan
Feline Demo #1
Feline Demo #2
Are Thinning Shears Important?
Grooming the Welsh Terrier
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The Learn2GroomDogs team is off to England this week for the first ever "Festival of Grooming." The organizers of this show are The Professionals Choice Groomers and the English Groomer Group. This event is being held on July 16 and 17, 2011 at the beautiful Belfry leisure resort in West Midlands. The Festival 'sold out' a few weeks ago. Amazing!! Currently there is a cancellation list for people wanting to attend. Please visit their website for more information. 



Melissa Verplank is the key speaker for this program. There will also be talks and grooming demonstrations by leading professionals such as: Colin Taylor, Bill Browne-Cole, Sharon Pine-Haynes, Julie Harris, Chrissie Warwick, and Louisa Tandy.


We are excited that Learn2GroomDogs will be filming new lessons for our Members.  Stay tuned for some great footage in the upcoming weeks and months!  We're sure to have some special surprises you'll enjoy.

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Have you ever noticed how easily puppies make  

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 Walter Anderson


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Melissa Verplank  

at the  

All American Grooming Show! 

Meet the Author of

Notes From the  

Grooming Table


Theory of Five


Melissa will be available to talk about her books as well as, how shop owners can grow their own groomers, and The Paragon School of Pet Grooming!

Look for Melissa at her booth August 11-14.

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get a 15% discount for their L2GD memberships?


If you belong to either of these organizations, check with one of your officials for details. 

July 14, 2011

Welcome to, the first streaming video library for the professional pet groomer and stylist!  Select from over 100 training videos - all available with just a few simple mouse clicks! (and cats) is a unique way to get the edge on your competition.


Stay curious.  Challenge yourself.  Let your drive and creativity increase your success.  As the saying goes, 'the more you learn, the more you earn.' (and cats) can help.  All of our Training Partners are at the top of their field.  For the first time ever, you don't have to travel to shows or clinics to learn the secrets of the masters - we bring them right to you from the comfort of your computer! (and cats) is for you if:

  • You are a solo stylist and want to see how your work compares to top level stylists
  • You work in a small shop and want to know how your work compares to top level stylists
  • You struggle to complete 6-8 or even 12 grooms a day with ease  
  • You are looking for an easy way to visually enhance your current grooming skills
  • You struggle with efficient tool use
  • Handling difficult pets drives you crazy

Here are a few of the items you'll learn in the videos that are going up for full view today.

  • Grooming a Shih Tzu/Pug Mix:  See how to 'outline' and tidy up a dog with a rough coat.  (Misty Fowler, CMG)
  • Feline Temperament & Handling - Know Your Enemy (excerpts):  Learn the difference between cats with 'street smarts' verses one that is 'house dumb." (Danelle German, CFMG, CFCG)
  • Basic Feline Health (excerpts):  Learn what type of flea product NEVER to use on a cat.  (Danelle German, CFMG, CFCG)
  • Shear Basics @ Intergroom:  Learn about the different processes that go into creating a quality shear that will last. (Mike Mailman from 4420 Shears)
  • Grooming the Pet Afghan in a Low Maintenance Trim:  Learn how to set the saddle including tools that work well. (Debbie Beckwith, CMG)

We have some amazing footage to share with you.  See what is on our editing table in these fabulous Sneak Peeks for our latest release.

  • Misty's Fowler's Favorite Hand Tools
  • Feline Grooming Demo #1 with Master Cat Groomer, Danelle German, CFMG, CFCG
  • Feline Grooming Demo #2 with Master Cat Groomer, Danelle German, CFMG, CFCG
  • Melissa Verplank speaks out:  "Are Thinning Shears Important to Your Daily Grooms?"
  • Grooming the Welsh Terrier - Pet Trim with Misty Fowler, CMG  

Membership pricing as low as $33.60     


 Membership Information   


Please take a moment to check out our "Membership" tab and be sure to share this link with all of your friends and associates!



Happy Trimming,

Melissa Verplank   


Great Videos Going Up for Full View  


Grooming a Shih Tzu/Pug Mix    

 by Misty Fowler, CMG   


How many of you get this type of dog in the shop?  They are so unusual looking, they are cute!  But what the heck are you supposed to do with them?  Luckily, the owner likes a rough and tumble look.  Misty takes you through the steps she takes to highlight key features of this little dog.  She uses a combination of hand stripping and carding techniques along with lots of thinning shear work.  With this pet, less is going to be more.  The result is a shaggy look that is tidy, easy to care for, and appealing to everyone!

In this video you will learn:   

  • The biggest challenges when dealing with this type of pet
  • Which types of products work well with this coat type to retain it's texture
  • Which tools work well with this harsh coat texture
  • How to shape the tail using V-nips for a very natural look
  • How to maintain control of a pet without using a collar restraint

Approximate running time: 41 minutes

Feline Temperament and Handling

- Know Your Enemy (excerpts)     

Danelle German, CFMG, CFCG 


If you are going to groom cats, one of the first things you notice is that they are unpredictable!!  There are many ways to gain the upper hand.  The key is safety for both you and the cat.  In this session, you will hear the first part of a much longer presentation at Danelle's cats-only grooming school, The National Cat Groomers Institute of America, Inc. (NCGIA).  Even though this is an excerpt of the full lecture, it's packed with great tips for anyone who grooms felines!      


In this video you will learn:    

  • Why it's important to conduct a full temperament and needs assessment on any cat that comes in for grooming
  • How to collect intelligent data about the cat, which will help you in the grooming process
  • What WMDs are and why you should care
  • The 3 main temperament classifications of felines
  • Whether or not you can change the personality of an aggressive cat

Approximate running time: 24 minutes 

Basic Feline Health and Anatomy (excerpts)    

Danelle German, CFMG, CFCG 



If you groom cats, you need to have a strong understanding of their basic health and anatomy.  You are the 'eyes in the field.'  Knowing what is normal or abnormal is critical when it comes to identifying potential problems.  This information will allow you to solve basic hygiene problems in a flash.  Being informed in this area will also enhance your relationship with local veterinarians.  It will allow you to build trust and referrals from cat owners throughout your area.  In this lecture excerpt, Danelle leads you through the most common situations you need to be aware of when you groom cats from the general public.    

In this video you will learn:    

  • Some of the more common skin disorders
  • The difference between 'dandruff' and 'dander'
  • Which flea product will kill a cat
  • About one of the most contagious, zoonotic fungi
  • What HCM is and it's signs

To learn more about the school, training, classes, cat grooming products and Danelle's blog, please visit:


Approximate running time: 31 minutes

Shear Basics from Intergroom, Part 1     

Mike Mailman and 4420 Shears  


Are you baffled and overwhelmed by the choices of shears on the market?  Don't know what to buy or how much to spend?  In this mini lesson, Mike leads your through the confusing world of how shears are made.  He discusses different types of metal and the quality of that material in the end product - the scissor.  How can coatings enhance a shear's life?  What different type of edges can be put on a shear blade?  Why is the harness scale important when selecting shears?  By the end of this lesson, you'll have a much firmer grasp of how to select your next pair of shears!


In this video you will learn:    

  • About the diverse qualities of shears
  • The types of steel typically used when manufacturing scissors
  • Why similar looking shears have different price points
  • Who is currently creating the highest quality steel in the world
  • How to find out where your shears were made

 Approximate running time: 13 minutes

Grooming the Pet Afghan  

in a Low Maintenance Trim    

  Debbie Beckwith, CMG


Maintaining the long, silky coat of an Afghan can be daunting.  Ms. Beckwith is a long time Afghan breeder and handler of AKC champions.  In this session, she outlines the breed standard while talking about their personality.  Debbie also shares typical coat changes you'll find as a dog ages or if it's been altered.  She'll demonstrate a trim she does on a regular basis to keep the coat easy to care for while retaining the flair all Afghans seem to have.  She'll show you which blades to select to shorten the long furnishings and how to work with them.  She also discusses the 'saddle' of this breed and how to retain it with hand stripping techniques.


In this video you will learn:    

  • How to trim an Afghan to a manageable length for a typical pet owner 
  • How long it takes to regrow the full coat back in a pet that has been shaved
  • The typical temperament of an Afghan
  • How to break apart a tangle with an undercoat rake to make brush out easy
  • How to set the saddle, including which tools to use

 Approximate running time: 52 minutes

5 New Sneak Peeks!  


4420 Shears, Part 2  

Mike Mailman 


Are you baffled and overwhelmed by the choices of shears on the market?  Don't know what to buy or how much to spend?  In this mini lesson, Mike leads you through the confusing world of shears manufacturing.  He discusses different types of metal and the quality of that material in the end product - the scissor.  How can coatings enhance a shear's life?  What different types of edges can be put on a shear blade?  Why is the Harness scale important when selecting shears?  By the end of this lesson, you'll have a much firmer grasp of how to select your next pair of shears.




Feline Grooming Demo #1 

Danelle German, CFMG, CFCG  


In this session, you get to be the 'fly on the wall' at the National Cat Groomers Institute of America.  Join a premier feline stylist as she leads a new set of students through the pre-work and bathing process of a cat.  In this demonstration, Danelle works on a Maine Coon that is unaccustomed to the grooming process.  She walks the class through the entire procedure of grooming this cat.  The lesson is filled with solid tips, tricks, and information that is extremely useful.  Whether you groom cats or are just thinking about it, this is a grooming demonstration not to miss!



Feline Grooming Demo #2  

Danelle German, CFMG, CFCG  


This session is a continuation of grooming out the Maine Coon.  Join the students at the NCGIA as they go through the drying and finishing process.  Watch as this kitty's personality changes once she's clean and beautiful.  This is another lesson filled with solid tips and tricks.  As a bonus, you get to see how beneficial the Catty Shack drying system is for any feline.


Are Thinning Shears Important  

to Your Daily Grooms? 

Melissa Verplank, CMG 


There are very few quality stylists who do not use thinning shears daily on almost every pet they groom.  This shear is used to blend, buffer, soften, and erase lines.  In this session, Melissa discusses the importance of this type of tool, including how they work and how they cut the coat.  She demonstrates proper holding techniques and how to run the shear correctly.  Melissa also tells you what to look for when comparing different thinning shears.  She also shares tips on where to learn about and buy great blenders that you'll be happy with for years.  Plus, she helps you understand what you can expect to spend on a new pair of thinners if you want them to run effortlessly.


Grooming the Welsh Terrier  

in a Pet Trim 

Misty Fowler, CMG    


In this demonstration, Misty shows you how to groom a typical pet Welsh Terrier.  This dog has a chunky body with lots of thick, coarse hair.  In this session, she shows you how to style this dog to breed profile using a combination of carding techniques to help retain the texture and color of the coat.  She then demonstrates setting the basic pattern with clippers.  Misty finishes the dog by scissoring the legs and working with thinning shears to detail out the head and final trim.  The end result is a stylish little pet groomed to breed profile using a wide variety of techniques.