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The Role of a Professional  

Pet Stylist


All professional pet groomers and stylists get into this business for one reason: we simply love pets. Our desire to be around animals is so strong that we have chosen to make it our profession. As professional pet stylists, our number one priority is to make the pet look and feel fabulous.


As a professional, you can educate the pet owner regarding proper coat care for their pet. You have become the 'trained observer' for the pet owner. Most successful pet stylists will see and handle more pets in one month than the average pet owner handles in a lifetime. And, if the client is a regular client, you will see the pet more in one year than their veterinarian does. It is not only your job to groom the pet, but also to inspect the pet.  During the grooming process you will literally go over the pet from the tip of its nose to the tip of its tail. You can inform the owner if there is anything unusual about their pet on that day. Many stylists have found potential health problems and conditions that, with early detection, have been eliminated or minimized. Your primary concern is to make the pet look its best and to advise the client of any observed physical or behavioral issues. You have an important part in this team effort to keep the pet healthy and looking good.  


It is crucial to understand that you are a trained observer, not a trained medical doctor. Veterinarians do not look kindly on a non-medically trained individual passing out medical advice. If the problem deals with fur, hair, and dirt... it is your job to identify the problem and fix it. If the problem lies beneath the skin, it becomes a medical issue, which you need to bring to the attention of the pet owner; they will make their own judgment on how to proceed with the issue.


You are working on a living, breathing animal. What you can or cannot do for a pet on any given day will be based upon the condition of the pet's coat and the dog's mood. Pets, like people, have different fear and tolerance levels. This is when your role as an educator comes into play. You can help the pet owner understand how best to care for their pet as well as help them understand proper pet hygiene. You're in a prime position to help the client understand how they can best take care of their pet, whether it be more frequent professional appointments or more attention to home care between grooming. Your reward is seeing a well-rounded, clean, and healthy pet interacting with its family.


As a professional pet stylist, our number one priority is to make the pet look and feel better. No matter where you practice your trade, the client is you ultimate 'employer' and the person you want to please.  You always want to do the best job possible for the client, but never at the expense of the pet or your safety. Where ever you practice your trade; in a small home town salon, a large retail outlet, at a large pet care facility, a vet clinic, a mobile unit or anywhere else, the questions you always need to answer in a positive fashion are:


  • Is it safe for the pet?
  • Is it safe for me?
  • Is the procedure effective?
  • Does the procedure yield a high quality result?


If you can answer yes to all these questions, you are a true professional. Always remember, no matter where you practice your trade, the human client is your 'boss' and the person you need to please, turning that new customer into a lifelong client.





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L2GD Photo Gallery

Inside My Pampered Pooch

April 5, 2011


Welcome to We have a dynamic lineup for you with this release.  Here are a few of the items you'll learn in the videos that are going up for full view today.



  • Learn now to how to apply the breed standards to a Portuguese Water Dog in a working Retriever trim using speed styling tactics with awarding winning stylist, Annette Quick
  • Learn a unique visual impression to help create the proper head style on a PWD in session #2 with Annette
  • Learn how to make the most of a small shop by using vertical space with internationally acclaimed stylist, Kathy Rose
  • Learn how to create a salon tracking system that allows for a free flow of correct information between many team members at any point of the day with internationally known pet stylist and motivational personality, Jarbas Godoy
  • Learn why it's important to have a selection of shears to choose from during your grooming day with our much-admired panel of industry experts

 Membership pricing as low as $33.60     


We have some amazing footage to share with you with our upcoming videos. Check out what is currently on our editing table in these fabulous Sneak Peeks for our mid-April release.   

  • Grooming a Poodle in a Pet Continental Trim with Misty Fowler - Session #1
  • Grooming a Poodle in a Pet Continental Trim with Misty Fowler - Session #2
  • Adding a Touch of Color to Your Everyday Pets with Kathy Rose - Session #2 & #3
  • Grooming the Pet Parson Russell Terrier Using Speed Tricks with Annette Quick
  • Show Case Salon - My Pampered Pooch in Peach Tree City, Georgia with Lori Lawrence      

Membership Information   


It's 'show season' and Intergroom is just around the corner. As show producer Christine DeFilipo  says, "If it snips, clips, combs, brushes, strips, detangles, lathers, rinses, dries, or has anything to do with dog or cat hair, you'll find it at INTERGROOM 2011!"  We'll be at the show this year with plus all our educational products created by White Dog Enterprises and The Paragon School of Pet Grooming. As an added bonus, many or our L2GD Training Partners will also be on hand at the show. We'd love to see you there on April 16-18, 2011.


Please take a moment to check out our "Membership" tab and be sure to share this link with all of your friends and associates!




Happy Trimming,

Melissa Verplank   


5 Great Videos Going Up for Full View
April 7, 2011
Caribbean Casual Back Deck Interviews #5
- Scissor Talk - 

Shot on location in the British Virgin Islands

on the sailing yacht 'Sundowner' with

Teri DiMarino, Kathy Rose, Susie Penney, and Melissa Verplank


In this poolside session, our esteemed panel talks about shears, including straights, curves, blenders, and thinners. What are some of the best ways to care for your shears? What types of shears do you need to groom your pets? How you can extend the life of your shears? Where is the best place to shop for scissors? What should you look for in a sharpener? They even discuss ways that you can remove minor dings or burrs in an edge.



In this video you will learn:

  • Why we all need different styles of shears
  • What types of shears work for different coats
  • Why quality equipment can extend the life of your career
  • Simple things you can do to extent the life of your shears
  Approximate running time:  16 minutes

(Please note: this video does have some minor sound issues that could not be completely corrected during the editing process plus a bit of salt residue on the lens... imagine that!)

Click here to see the full video!   


Grooming the Portuguese Water Dog - Double Feature   

Working Retriever Trim - Session #1

Working Retriever Trim - Session #2

by Annette Quick, CMG  


Annette Quick is a Certified Master Groomer as well as a highly regarded contest stylist. One of the breeds that earned her the right to become a GroomTeam USA member was the Portuguese Water Dog.  In this session she grooms a beautiful, black-and-white PWD to breed standard in a working Retriever trim.  She will guide you through the breed standard, points of reference on the dog's body, and tricks on how to get the look on a show dog, a contest dog, or simply the correct look on a pet dog in your salon.



This lesson is broken into a "double feature."

Session #1: deals with setting the body, rounding the feet, and trimming the legs.


In this video you will learn:

  • How to set the pattern based on breed profile and points of reference
  • What blades to use and where to use them
  • How to set in the angles of the front and rear assemblies using bone structure as a guide 
  • What PWD enthusiasts mean when they say this is a "breed of moderation"
  • What to visualize to give you the correct placement of a tuck-up in any breed

Session #2: deals with trimming the tail, styling the head and neck area, as well as final detail work.  

Approximate running time:  40 minutes

In this video you will learn:

  • How to set and trim the plume on a PWD tail
  • How to style the unique PWD head
  • How to shape the correct ear
  • How to build the illusion of more neck
  • How to balance the head with the body, pulling the entire haircut together

Approximate running time:  42 minutes


Managing Your Appointment Book and Your Day  

 by Jarbas Godoy 

Jarbas has a unique way of managing all of his appointments - his platform works on time-outs, not necessarily time-in.  This is a high volume salon that specializes in personalized service and high-quality grooms.  Join Jarbas in this lesson as he shares with you his secrets on what makes The Dog From Ipanema run smoothly seven days a week. (Yes, they groom on Sundays too!)  He will take you through the entire process, showing you first hand how his system works, allowing for easy pet tracking management and solid communication practices for his entire team.


In this video you will learn:

  • How to use work order holders in a pet salon setting
  • How to organize your work day based on 'time-out promises' vs. 'time-in'
  • Why a numbering system is one of the easiest ways to track a pet in a busy salon
  • How to use a 'wash list' for enhanced communication skills
  • The importance of using a white board vs. relying on your memory

  Approximate running time:  19 minutes     

Click here to see the full video!


Show Case Salon

- Pets of Perfection - 

by Kathy Rose

With over 30 years in the chic area of Boynton Beach, Florida, Kathy Rose has been providing a healthy and positive grooming experience for pets in a professional, clean and stress-free environment where owners feel confident leaving their pets.  Kathy's success stems from a strong belief of high grooming standards combined with compassion and safety for the pet.  Join Kathy as she personally takes you behind the scenes of her upscale pet boutique and salon that features four styling stations and the ability to turn out a high volume of quality work in a limited space.


In this video you will learn:    

  • How to get the most out of less than 1000 square feet of space
  • How to set up an advantageous lighting set-up to maximize visibility in the finishing area
  • How to economically set up a central vacuuming station
  • How to use vertical space to your benefit
  • How to create a circle flow work area to accentuate productivity of your salon
Approximate running time:  26 minutes

Click here to see the full video!


5 New Sneak Peeks!
These videos will be available for full view April 21

Grooming the Poodle in a Pet Continental Trim

Pet Continental Trim - Sessions 1 and 2 

by Misty Fowler, CMG   


Misty Fowler takes you on a creative journey as she sets a fresh, modified Continental Trim on a cream Standard Poodle.  In this fun haircut, she shows you how you shorten the jacket, minimize the tied up top knot and use a longer blade over the areas that are traditionally extremely short, making this trim adaptable for any pet, even ones in cooler climates, immersed in the depths of bitter winters.  


This lesson is broken into a 'double feature.'


Session #1: deals with setting the body pattern, trimming the bracelets and setting the rosettes.

Session #2: deals with styling the head including tying up the topknot, blending the neck into the body, trimming the tail, as well as the final detail work.




Adding a Touch of Color to Every Day Pets  

by Kathy Rose    


The hot trend right now is adding interest to the grooming process by adding a touch jazzy color to the coat.  Award winning and highly sought after pet stylist, Kathy Rose, shows you two more simple and quick options for having some fun with color on your every day pets using; hair extensions, using color blow pens for some fun stenciling on the coat.










Grooming the Pet Parson Russell Terrier 

Annette Quick, CMG


Award winning stylist Annette Quick shows your how you can quickly and easily strip out a super fuzzy harsh coat by simply using the correct rakes instead of a lengthy hand stripping process.  In this session she uses her own dog and little did we know - it would turn into not only a grooming lesson - but a handling lesson as well.  It seems our own dogs know exactly what buttons to push and this little guy really turns on his naughtiness for the camera. Watch how Annette not only completes the grooming process - but regains her own composure (on camera) and wins back the control of the situation without using force with this challenging little Terrier.




My Pampered Pooch 

- Show Case Salon -   

by Lori Lawrence, Peach Tree City, Georgia


In this session, we have the opportunity share Lori's dream of opening her own salon.  She, like so many people in this current economy was at a cross-roads in her career path. Lori was a career military gal but when that job ended - she wasn't sure what she was going to do.  Learn how she came up with the idea to open her own business including the steps required to make the dream come true.  Open not even a year yet, Lori has learned many lessons on new business ownership.  She has been forced to scale back many of her plans but by listening to her clients, spending her limited budget wisely and willing to work exceptionally hard - she is well on her way to a successful business.  Join us as she shares with the L2GD membership her personal voyage to opening a new business.