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Scissoring for Optimum Control 


Scissoring is slowly becoming the "lost art" of the professional pet stylist. It is a skill that requires practice and a trained eye. With beautiful hand scissoring, the groomer transforms into an artist or "stylist."


Not only does the stylist need to learn how to have full control over shears, but s/he needs to learn how to run the shears safely as so not to accidentally injure a pet.  For those who have become proficient at this skill, the final product can be exquisite. When you see a top stylist at work, you quickly realize the skill of a true master, an artist at work. They are sculptors and their medium is fur. Balance, style, grace, and flair all become working components of a pet whose coat has been sculpted to show off its most positive aspects.           


So how do you learn to master hand scissoring? First, you need to learn to run your shear smoothly and efficiently. A beginner can learn to do this through a series of exercises that are to be practiced without a pet.


In order to get that smooth satin finish, you must first master control over your shears. As you work your scissors, use your thumb to open and close the blade while stabilizing the rest of your hand. The shear should stay balanced in your hand, at right angles to your index finger. It should stay steady and flush with the plane you are working on (no bouncing). With thinning shears, you should utilize a small bounce to clear the trimmed coat before you close the blades for another cut. 


Once you get full control and balance of the shears, it's time to coordinate this skill with the movement of the rest of your body. The fluidity of proper scissoring stems from your body - the placement of your feet, the bend in your knees, the flexibility of your waist, and the position of your arm and shoulder. Your entire body becomes a machine that effortlessly runs the shears. Your upper body is somewhat locked into position and the movement over an area stems from the lower parts of your body.  


If you are having trouble keeping your fingers in position, or finding it challenging to get that perfect satin smooth finish on a coat, there is a great video in the L2GD library.  All you have to do is type Scissor Skills, into the search engine box. This is a great lesson that dissects the dynamics of proper scissor skills. You'll be able to see these exercises and learn how to apply 'training wheels' to your shears that can help you master this technique.  


Check out it out! 



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L2GD Photo Gallery

Behind the scenes

Snuggling up to a star

Three is definitely company!

A Touch of Color

March 17, 2011



Welcome to We have a great lineup for you with this release.  Here are a few of the topics you'll learn more about in the videos that are going up for full view today.



  • Learn how to apply a fun accent color to the coat of a dog (with Kathy Rose)
  • Learn how to create an adorable, low maintenance pet trim on a Yorkie in as few as 20 minutes (with Misty Fowler)
  • Learn how to create a spa-like environment while maximizing storage space (with Jarbas Godoy)
  • Learn what you should do if the pet has a seizure in your salon (with Dr. Richelle Smith)
  • Learn some of the best ways to become a high caliber stylist (featuring our esteemed panel of experts)



We have some amazing footage to share with you with our upcoming videos. Check out what is currently on our editing table in these fabulous Sneak Peeks for our mid March release.   

  • Grooming the Portuguese Water Dog  -  Working Retriever Trim (Session #1 with Annette Quick)
  • Grooming the Portuguese Water Dog - Working Retriever Trim (Session #2 with Annette Quick)
  • Show Case Salon - Pets of Perfection (with Kathy Rose)
  • Managing Your Appointment Book and Your Day (with Jarbas Godoy)
  • Caribbean Back Deck Interview - Shear Talk

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Melissa Verplank   


5 Great Videos Going Up for Full View
March 17, 2011
Caribbean Casual Back Deck Interviews
- How We All Got Started - 

Shot on location in the British Virgin Islands

on the sailing yacht 'Sundowner' with

Teri DiMarino, Kathy Rose, Susie Penney, and Melissa Verplank


One of the questions we always get asked, "How did you get started in the grooming industry?" All of us have a common theme -- we are extremely passionate about what we do. However, just because we have passion doesn't mean that being a professional groomer was our early life ambition! Join us as we tell you how we got our start and what keeps us motivated 30+ years later. This is a great video clip for those just starting out or for those who are questioning whether they should stay in the industry.


(Please note: this video does have some sound issues that could not be completely corrected during the editing process. There is a reason that the BVIs are one of the sailing hot spots of the world - there is always a strong, warm breeze! If you can get though the first 1 minute and 20 seconds of this lesson - the sound improves for large portions of the video!) 

In this video you will learn:
  Approximate running time:  17 minutes

Click here to see the full video!   


Adding a Touch of Color to Everyday Dogs  

by Kathy Rose 


Today's hot trend is adding a jazzy touch of color to the coat. Award winning and highly sought after pet stylist, Kathy Rose, shows you a quick option for having some fun with color on your every day pets using colored blow pens. In this session, she applies a splash of color to one of her regular client pets, a white toy poodle.


In this video you will learn:

  • Which products are safe to use
  • How to apply an accent color  
  • How to control the color to get it just where you want it
  • How to set up the work area  
  • Ideas about pricing

Approximate running time:  20 minutes


Grooming the Pet Yorkie in a Westie Style Trim 

 by Misty Fowler, CMG 

With pocket pets being so popular these days, we are seeing more and more Yorkies in our salons. Many owners opt for non-traditional grooming practices on their pets. They want something that is cute but easier to care for than a long, flowing coat. Misty demonstrates an adorable haircut for a Yorkie that takes its inspiration from a Westie haircut.



In this video you will learn:

  • How to create an adorable trim in as few as 20 minutes
  • How to work with a light coat to get it smooth
  • A unique way to round the feet and get them perfect every time
  • How to detail the furnishings with blending shears into a beautiful flowing line
  • How to create a perfectly round head 

 Approximate running time:  46 minutes     

Click here to see the full video!


Show Case Salon

- The Dog From Ipanema - 

by Jarbas Godoy  

The Dog From Ipanema is a south Florida salon with an international reputation for quality work, champion groomers, and loving treatment of pets. Jarbas Godoy takes us on a tour of his facility which focuses on high quality products, incredible grooms, high traffic, and timely turnover rates in a small amount of space.


In this video you will learn:  

  • How to get the most out of a small space for both retail and grooming services
  • How to determine which retail items to carry
  • How to personalize your own salon
  • Which employment practices yield the best results for Jarbas and his staff
  • How to  create a spa-like environment in your holding area while maximizing storage space
Approximate running time:  18 minutes

Click here to see the full video!


Seizures in Pets, Ways to Give Medication,  

and Working Together With Your Vet 

by Dr. Richelle Smith


Pet seizures can be scary.  Unfortunately, the stress that some pets feel when being dropped off for grooming can be a trigger.  Dr. Smith helps you understand seizures and what you can do for pets as they experience the attack.  She also gives some great tips on administering medications that you'll be able to pass on to your clients. Finally, she wraps up her series with thoughts on how we can all work together with the owner to keep pets healthy.


In this video you will learn:

  • What you should do if a pet has a seizure in your salon
  • What you can expect and do for the pet during a seizure
  • Easy tips you can try to help your pet accept medication
  • What you should never do when you spot something unusual with the pet

 Approximate running time:  18 minutes  


5 New Sneak Peeks!
These videos will be available for full view in Early April

Grooming the Portuguese Water Dog

Working Retriever Trim - Sessions 1 and 2 

by Annette Quick, CMG   


Annette Quick is a Certified Master Groomer, as well as a highly regarded contest stylist. One of the breeds that earned her the right to become a GroomTeam USA team member was the Portuguese Water Dog. In this session, she grooms a beautiful black-and-white PWD to breed standard in a working retriever trim. She will guide you through the process, illustrating points of reference on the dog's body and tricks on how to get this look on a show dog, a contest dog, or a pet in your salon.


This lesson is broken into a 'double feature.'


Session #1: Setting the body, rounding the feet, and trimming the legs.

Session #2: Trimming the tail, styling the head and neck area, as well as final detail work.




Pets of Perfection 

- Show Case Salon - 

by Kathy Rose   

Kathy Rose has been providing a healthy and positive grooming experience for pets in a professional, clean, and stress-free environment where owners feel confident leaving their pets. With over 30 years in the chic area of Boynton Beach, Florida, her success stems from a strong belief of high grooming standards combined with compassion and safety for the pet. Join Kathy as she takes you behind the scenes of her upscale pet boutique and salon.










Caribbean Casual Back Deck Interviews #5

 - Shear Talk - 

Shot on location in the British Virgin Islands

on the sailing yacht 'Sundowner' with

Teri DiMarino, Kathy Rose, Susie Penney, and Melissa Verplank


In this poolside session, our esteemed panel talks about shears, including straights, curves, blenders, and thinners. What are some of the best ways to care for your shears? What types of shears do you need to groom your pets? How you can extend the life of your shears? Where is the best place to shop for scissors? What should you look for in a sharpener? They even discuss ways that you can remove minor dings or burrs in an edge.





Managing Your Appointment Book and Your Day

- Show Case Salon -   

by Jarbas Godoy


Jarvis has a unique way of managing all of his appointments. His platform works on time out, not necessarily time in. This is a high volume salon that specializes in personalized service and high-quality grooms. Join Jarbas in this lesson as he shares with you his secrets on what makes The Dog From Ipanema run smoothly seven days a week. (Yes, they groom on Sundays, too!) He will take you through the entire process from check in to check out.