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Annette Quick!


Annette Quick is a Certified Master Groomer.  In her first year as a Division A competitor in 1997, she garnered the top spot on GroomTeam USA.  Annette maintained a position on GroomTeam USA each year through 2000. She also helped the USA Team bring home the silver medal from Eurogroom London, England, and the Gold Medal from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  She has won multiple "Best in Show" and "Best All Around Groomer" awards at shows nationally as well as internationally and was the "Best in Show" winner in Argengroom in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1998.  Annette has shown dogs, and holds titles in obedience, agility and conformation.  Annette has been nominated for several Cardinal Crystal Grooming Achievement Awards and won the award for American Groomer of the Year in 1999.  Annette is active in the pet grooming industry.  She is a frequent performer at speaking engagements, judges at grooming shows, and serves as a member of the Wahl Extreme Team.

February 15, 2011


We are headed to the Atlanta Pet Fair -- are you? For those of us east of the Mississippi, the Atlanta Pet Fair is the kickoff to the tradeshow season. This is one of the premier shows of the year. This show is always packed with loads of educational opportunities combined with a huge variety of products and tools for your shopping pleasure. Ann Stafford always does a super job with the show. I'm just getting word now that almost all of the contest rings are full, which is what I always love to hear! Of course, Marc and I will be there with, so if you haven't had a chance to check out the website, please stop by the booth and have a look.  We'd be happy to answer all of your questions. Also, if you don't have an autographed copy of Notes from the Grooming Table, make sure you bring your book. I'd love to sign it for you! (and the more tattered it is the better!!)


Here's a cool trick with the website. With all that has to offer, you'll want to watch your favorite videos over and over again.  We've made it easy for you to find them.  Simply click on the Favorite button by the description of any video while you are watching it at the main viewing screen, and that one will be added to a list that you can access from the "My Account" page.  Select the option to "View Favorite Videos" and you will see a list of all the videos you've flagged.


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Melissa Verplank   


5 Great Videos Going Up for Full View
February 15, 2011
Caribbean Casual Back Deck Interviews

Shot on location in the British Virgin Islands

on the sailing yacht 'Sundowner' with

Teri DiMarino, Kathy Rose, Susie Penney, and Melissa Verplank


It's not very often these four industry leaders get together for some fun, rest, and relaxation - but they all love their work and it doesn't take much for them to turn their conversations into an inspiring brainstorming session. Guess what? You get to be a fly on the wall!


In this session, the ladies discuss the difference between marketing and publicity and ways you can put your best foot forward. They discuss what has worked to build their client base in the past.  They also cover how the marketing landscape is changing with the age of technology while other areas remain consistent, such as a strong core group of referral-based customers.


In this video you will learn:

  • The #1 way to market your business
  • Pitfalls to be careful of when the media shows up at your doorstep
  • Where you can learn more about effective marketing techniques
  • The 80/20 rule when dealing with your customers
  • What you need to do to make your business stand out from the crowd
  Approximate running time:  32 minutes

Click here to see the full video!   


What Do You Do With a Doodle #4?

by Misty Fowler, CMG 


Who said Doodles don't shed? In this session, Misty Fowler shares some grooming techniques on a Doodle that has a soft down undercoat (that sheds) combined with a harsh, wiry outer coat. She explains the differences in Doodle coats and shows you tools and techniques to help reduce shedding and set the coat up for a beautiful trim. Misty does a fabulous job showing you how to use blenders to get a long, layered trim in a manner that is both appealing and timely.


In this video you will learn:


We have broken this demonstration into 3 chapters for easier uploading and viewing.


Chapter 1 

Preparing the coat for the trimming process and grooming the bulk of the body  

Approximate running time:  36 minutes 

Chapter 2 

Grooming the legs and detailing the Doodle (feet were rounded in Chapter 1) 

Approximate running time:  14 minutes 

Chapter 3: Addressing the head and tail 

Approximate running time:  9 minutes 

  • Which tools work best to remove downy undercoat
  • How to get a beautiful, natural looking finish - all by hand
  • How to use the pets anatomy to set the lines on the trim
  • How to set parallel lines (great camera views!)
  • How to style the head in sections

Approximate running time:  60 minutes


Grooming the Long Haired Cat 

 by Hilaire Boelkins, CMG 

Hilaire is back with the second session of cat grooming - finishing the kitty so it's mat and tangle free. She'll show you her personal secrets to safely work with a cat including trigger points to watch for when a cat's body language is telling you it's had enough. She'll even finish the groom with an adorable bow. You can clearly see Anna is thrilled with this entire process - especially the pink bow!



In this video you will learn:

  • Different methods to keep the kitty calm
  • Standard grooming practices for most long-haired cats
  • Options to safely restrain a cat
  • Which tools work best on felines
  • How to safely remove mats from the coat

 ... plus lots of handling tips and tricks throughout the entire video


Approximate running time:  60 minutes   

Click here to see the full video!


Cheat Your Way to a Lamb Trim on a Poodle 

by Misty Fowler, CMG 

In our last training session, Misty showed you the finer points of hand scissoring on her retired contest Poodle, Sambuca. In this training session, she flips Sambuca around and shares with you how to 'cheat' off the coat on the other side with guard combs. This allows you to create the same trim with style and flair but without the same degree of difficulty as doing it all by hand scissoring  - and in a lot less time.



In this video you will learn:   

  • How to duplicate a hand-scissored, competition style trim in a lot less time
  • Setting the pattern based on anatomy and bone structure
  • How to use a variety of guard combs to sculpt the coat
  • How to trim the legs (including dealing with "hard to reach spots")
Approximate running time:  32 minutes

Click here to see the full video!


Helpful Tidbits from Dr. Smith

Insect Bites, Heat Stroke, & Safety Precautions

By Dr. Richelle Smith  

What can you do to help a pet that has been bitten or stung by an insect and the pet is having an adverse reaction? What are the signs of a mild or a severe reaction to an insect bite? Heat stroke can be a real life-threatening situation in just about any grooming shop. What do you need to be aware of to keep your pet clients safe? Dr. Smith leads you through an open discussion on these topics as well as other safety precautions.



In this video you will learn:

  • What you can do if a pet is having an allergic reaction to an insect bite
  • Types of dogs that are prone to heat stroke
  • How you can avoid a heat stroke situation in your salon
  • What to do if you do have a pet experiencing heat stroke
  • Basic safety issues to be on the lookout for in all professional settings

 Approximate running time:  16 minutes  


5 New Sneak Peeks!
These videos will be available for full view in Early March 


Dealing with Problem Dogs #3 and #4 

by Linda Claflin-Phelps


Linda uses her years of experience combined with the principles of massage and relaxation to win the trust of two pets she has never worked on before. Both of these pets have a history of nervousness and anxiety. Linda guides you through the steps she takes every day with a new client to win the trust and cooperation of a nervous dog. In this session, she works on a Border Collie and a Shih Tzu.



Grooming a Maltese Lhasa Mix in a Cuddly Trim 

by Marc LaFleur, CMG


Marc LaFleur guides you through one of our most appealing and popular trims. This particular haircut can be applied to a wide variety of breeds and coat types. Quality combined with consistency is the key that brings customers back again and again. Marc shows you step-by-step how to set the pattern so you can consistently create this look, turning it into a signature cookie-cutter trim for your salon.







Grooming the Topknot and Crest of a Standard Poodle  

in a Lamb Trim

by Misty Fowler, CMG

In this video session Misty Fowler finishes the trim on her beautiful Standard Poodle, Sambuca. In this demonstration, Misty focuses on the tail and the headpiece to create style, balance, and harmony which pulls the entire groom together. She will share with you points of reference that you can use on dogs in your own salon, duplicating the look quickly and easily.







Caribbean Casual Back Deck Interviews

Shot on location in the British Virgin Islands

on the sailing yacht 'Sundowner' with

Teri DiMarino, Kathy Rose, Susie Penney, and Melissa Verplank


This topic stems directly from a question from one of our members -- How do you address issues with ears and glands? With a combined 130+ years of grooming experience, it was pretty amazing to find that all of these pros were on the same page with this topic. Find out how they dealt with it years ago and how they all address these two areas today. Times have definitely changed!




Grooming a Yorkie Mix with Harsh Coat

by Annette Quick, CMG


Ask any groomer what their favorite breed is to groom and most will say: mixed breeds. Award-winning stylist Annette Quick is no different! In this video demonstration, Annette works on an adorable little Yorkie mix that has an extremely harsh coat. She uses a combination of tools and techniques typically reserved for harsh coated Terriers to give this little guy a personality trim that is easy to to maintain between grooming sessions.