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Proposed Multi-Use Path for Segment of Loop 1604
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Proposed Build Alternatives Updated


Click here to view updated renderings, typical sections, and maps of the proposed Build Alternatives.  The proposed Build Alternatives are the alternatives that are being evaluated in detail in the Draft EIS along with the No-Build Alternative. As discussed in Public Scoping Meeting No. 2, these alternatives were determined using an alternative screening process that considered a full range of alternatives including: No-Build, Transportation System Management (TSM), Transportation Demand Management (TDM), Transit, and toll and non-toll Build Alternatives. 


Step 3 of the alternative screening process started with the development of three alternative design concepts for the Multi-Modal Upgrade (the solution that is able to satisfy the need and purpose, and deemed reasonable and viable in Steps 1 and 2 of the screening process). These three concepts form the basis for the proposed Build Alternatives.  It is important to note that these alternatives are still subject to change.


The Draft EIS will present the results of the screening process for the range of alternatives considered and provide a detailed evaluation of the following alternatives: 

No Build Alternative


Build Alternative 1
Add General Purpose Lanes


Build Alternative 2
Add Managed Lanes Inside


Build Alternative 3
Add Managed Lanes Outside


Once approved, the Draft EIS will be circulated for comment and a Public Hearing will be held to review the analysis of these alternatives.  A Preferred Alternative will then be identified and comments responded to in the Final EIS before a decision is made in the Record of Decision.

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Your E-News on the Loop!
Summer 2011

The Alamo Regional Mobility Authority welcomes you to our e-newsletter for the Loop 1604 Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) from US 90 West to IH 35 North in Bexar County.  This issue highlights recent updates to the proposed Build Alternatives under evaluation as part of the Draft EIS, including a proposed multi-use path resulting from the Community Advisory Group's review of natural and social connections in May.  Click here to send us an e-mail and let us know what you think. 

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The Alamo Regional Mobility Authority

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Proposed Multi-Use Path for Segment of Loop 1604 


The concept of each Build Alternative being evaluated in detail for the Draft EIS is to accommodate multiple modes of travel.  The safety of bicyclists and pedestrians, as well as accessibility to nearby facilities and destinations are important considerations.  Every transportation agency has the responsibility to improve conditions and opportunities for walking and bicycling and to integrate these uses into their transportation systems.   Because of the numerous individual and community benefits that walking and bicycling provide - including health, safety, environmental, transportation, and quality of life - transportation agencies are encouraged to go beyond minimum standards to provide safe and convenient facilities for these modes (USDOT, 2010). 

The Alamo Regional Mobility Authority's 2011-2015 Strategic Plan outlines our goal to leave the environment better than it is today and to balance the needs for congestion relief with ways to protect the environment more than it is being protected today.  This goal is carried directly into the Loop 1604 project development process by using a Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS) approach in the EIS planning phase, and continuing through design, and ultimately into construction, operations and maintenance should a Build Alternative be selected.  The CSS approach produces a project that not only identifies and addresses key transportation challenges, but also becomes an asset for the surrounding communities and natural environment.  


Based on the CSS approach, members of the Community Advisory Group reviewed and identified opportunities for social and natural connections in their May 3, 2011 meeting.   In small group discussions, participants identified using part of the Loop 1604 right-of-way as a means of connecting the Salado Creek and Leon Creek greenways, both of which already extend almost all of the way to Loop 1604.


Proposed Multi-Use Path Build Alternatives 1, 2, and 3

from Culebra Rd to Blanco Rd


CAG members envisioned a bicycle/pedestrian facility in the right-of-way but separated from the roadway by native shrubs, trees, and vegetation that would serve as a soft barrier.  This concept could also provide a means for managing stormwater runoff through Low Impact Development (LID) techniques that strive to maintain or restore the movement of water through a site as close to pre-developed conditions as possible. 


Bike Map
Click image to view enlarged map of

bicycle facilities and destinations

Based on the concept identified by CAG members, the proposed Build Alternatives include a new facility for bicyclists and pedestrians, along with improvements at interchanges and intersections to better facilitate the safe movement of cyclists and pedestrians. The proposed multi-use path would extend from Culebra Road to Blanco Road, a distance of approximately 15.5 miles. The location and distance of this proposed path allow for connections with existing and planned on-street facilities (bike lanes and routes) and off-street trails (greenways and parks with bicycle trails). This path would also serve pedestrian and cyclist frequented destinations like UTSA and provide the needed infrastructure to route pedestrian and cyclist traffic to a future facility that would extend to Government Canyon State Natural Area. Click on image for an enlarged view of the priority segment for Loop 1604 in regards to bicycle use and its relationship to other bicycle facilities and destinations.


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