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January 2011
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15 Mistakes Young Entrepreneurs Make, But Don't Have To
Acquisitions Fueled Venture Capital Rise
Banks Open Loan Spigot
Service Firms Grow At Fastest Pace Since 2006
Decoding the New Consumer
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15 Mistakes Young Entrepreneurs Make, But Don't Have To


By Alex Tausig
If you're an entrepreneur, you're probably going to screw up at some point. That's ok. Entrepreneurship is a constant process of quickly testing hypotheses, failing, refining and testing again. If you're not failing, you're not learning, right?


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Acquisitions Fueled Venture Capital Rise

2010 had best buying market, since '85 and most IPOs since '07

By Sheryl Jean

Staff Writer


The U.S, venture capital industry ended 2010 with a relative bang, thanks largely to a red-hot acquisition market, according to two reports released this week


Last year was the best mergers and acquisitions market since record-keeping began in 1985 and the most active initial public offering market since 2007, according to the National Venture Capital Association and Thomson Reuters. Most of the M&As and IPOs were in information technology followed by life sciences.


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Banks Open Loan Spigot


By Ruth Simon


Some big U.S. banks are starting to increase their lending to businesses as demand for loans rises and healthier banks seek to grab customers from weaker rivals.  After declining steadily for most of the past two years, the amount of commercial and industrial loans held by commercial banks inched upward during the past two months, according to the Federal Reserve.  Moody's Analytics estimates that commercial and industrial lending in the fourth quarter has grown 0.2% from the third quarter, to $1.22 trillion, the first quarterly increase in two years. Moody's predicts such lending will rise 3% next year. 


An uptick in business lending is an optimistic sign for the economy and can help to make the recovery self-sustaining. Such loans likely will be used by businesses to expand their operations, which could lead to new jobs and eventually to increased borrowing and spending by hired workers.


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Service Firms Grow At Fastest Pace Since 2006

By Michael Miller, President,


I have been telling my clients that want to start a service industry related business that now is the time.  This advice was confirmed by an article on January 5, 2011 from The Associated Press.


The Associated Press reported that strong consumer demand pushed a key measure of the economy's service sector last month to its highest level in more than four years.


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Decoding the New Consumer


By John Gerzema

Interview with an Expert


Many people have been financially devastated by the recession. Probably most were spooked by it. Is that enough to end consumerism as we know it?

When you consider layoffs, downsizing, delayed raises, and reduced hours, more than half of all American workers have suffered losses. This very real pain has driven us to reconsider our definition of the good life. People are finding happiness in old-fashioned virtues-thrift, do-it-yourself projects, self- improvement, faith, and community-and in activities and relationships outside the consumer realm. Our data show large numbers saying money is no longer as important to them. Seventy- six percent say the number of possessions they own doesn't affect how happy they are.


Does it mean consumerism is dead? No. But we are moving from mindless to mindful consumption. That's a fact of life when housing values will no longer provide an ATM to fund our spending and people are working longer to repair lost wealth. From now on, we will spend money that is ours, not the bank's. Therefore, our purchases will become more considered.


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