Issue: # 27November 2010
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2011 - A Great Year For Startup Businesses

By Larry Jensen 

2011 will be the ideal year for small firm start ups. The US economy is awakening slowly as a giant from a deep slumber. It moves slowly at first, gradually waking up with it's morning cup of coffee, but at some point in 2011 it will take off like an Olympic runner and it is time to start planning now if you want to catch the momentum of that first push.


It doesn't take quite a bit of money to start your own organization, only a little creativity, willingness to work hard, and an eye for what is needed in your area. Start small and build your organization gradually. Whether you decide to open your own bar, or sell devices at the local flea market you will need marketing items to build up your efforts. Once the ink is dry on your organization plan, you will need to shop for promo solutions. One can either sell or give away promotional gear, depending on the cost and popularity of them.


Advertising on Facebook

By Jason Del Rey

These days, it seems everyone and his mother has a Facebook page. In the U.S., about 100 million unique visitors flock to the social network every month. Many business owners are among them, using Facebook profiles to promote their companies and create customer communities. For some entrepreneurs, social networks have also become a useful advertising platform. Ellie Sawits, CEO of Frutels, a New York City-based maker of chocolate candies used to treat acne, says ads on Facebook are an affordable alternative to the high pay-per-click rates for acne- related keywords on Google's AdWords. "For me, the economics of Google just don't work' she says. But it's not easy to make your ad stand out among the Facebook status updates, party photos, and comments. Here are four tips to help you get started.


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Balancing Acts

By Meg Cadoux Hirshberg

House Rules - Ten gentle suggestions for keeping the domestic seas tranquil

New Year's resolutions have always been good for Stonyfield Yogurt. Our sales invariably spike in January as a result of nearly universal vows to shed that extra 20. The season inspires people to set down concrete plans for improving themselves-and their relationships.


In that spirit, I approached my husband, Gary, for help with composing a list of rules for entrepreneurs who aspire to a happy marriage and thriving family life. Some of the following derive from our own experiences, and some were offered by other entrepreneurial couples. (I've cast the entrepreneur as male and the spouse as female because that's our situation. But the rules apply equally when the reverse is true.)


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Brick or Clicks
By Mark Henricks
Choosing Between Online and Offline Business Opportunities

The Internet has brought profound change on franchising. New concepts unimaginable a few years ago today deliver value to customers almost entirely through the worldwide computer network. Other businesses exploit a combination of bricks-and- mortar locations and virtual storefronts to produce hybrid offerings. And it's safe to say that nearly all franchises today employ mouse clicks to market to consumers, communicate with franchisees, and run their operations.


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Rounding Up Staff Ideas
By Darren Dahl

Business owners are always on the hunt for new ideas- ways to cut costs, increase revenue, and improve products and services. Often the most cost-effective source of ideas is right in front of you. "More companies are turning first to their employees to tap into those free ideas lying around in their heads:' says Jeffrey Phillips of OVO, an innovation consulting firm in Raleigh, North Carolina. But what do you do when employees are too shy to speak up?


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