Issue: # 23September 2010
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This Special Edition of BusinessTalk will concentrate on the funding of your new business and options that exist to assist you in the planning process.  We hope this information will help jump start whatever business venture you are planning to start.
Money to Start a New Business
Funds are available now!  How to get your fair share.

Funding a new business is your primary challenge in starting the business.  All of your efforts and planning leads up to the point of funding.  But where do you find the funding you need?


Right now, money is available to start a new or expand an existing business.  To get your fair share, we endorse and recommend 


To read more about how to get the funding you need, click here to visit the funding information page on their website,  Business Funding Information

Five Tips for Finding Friendly Banks
By Alan Wightman

So just who is lending? And what is your best strategy for finding and approaching a bank? Here are five tips to help you find small business friendly banks.

Want to read the Article?  Click Here

We appreciate the opportunity to be recommended to assist you in starting your new business.  Give us a call to explore the possibilites of taking your dreams and making them a reality!.


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Money to Start a New Business
5 Tips for Finding a Bank
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