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AMERICA EATS HORSES: and the World is Hungry Enough to Help Us Save Them
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International Equine Business Association Announces the Release and Delivery of a Comprehensive and Documented Report 


AMERICA EATS HORSES: and the World is Hungry Enough to Help Us Save Them

Washington, D.C. - June 8, 2012 -  Today the International Equine Business Association is sending to Secretary of Agriculture Vilsack, Congress, and the American people a fully documented report from the horse industry's perspective on why humane and regulated processing of horses stops the unnecessary and wasteful suffering of horses, creates jobs and opportunity throughout the horse industry, and provides responsible solutions to serious sustainability and environmental problems. 
The report provides full documentation to establish the fact that horse slaughter is humane. Horse meat is safe, nutritious, affordable, and delicious. The absence of a valuable use for otherwise unwanted horses results in immediate tragedy, increased suffering, loss of economic opportunity, environmental degradation, and unnecessary taxpayer burden. 
The answer is simple and obvious. Allow a properly regulated industry that protects the rights and choices of horse owners, while restoring a normal market that creates jobs, offers opportunity, and ends the unnecessary misery of horses. 
Report Sections

The main body of the report is divided into sections that address the facts that:
  • some Americans eat horses;
    horse steak with ground cherries
    Horse sirloin with ground cherries - click for recipe
  • horse slaughter is humane;
  • horse meat is safe;
  • horse meat is nutritious;
  • horse meat is affordable;
  • horse meat is delicious;
  • that the lack of humane and regulated processing leads to a tragic loss of value and the resulting completely preventable and unnecessary suffering of horses, and the decimation of a once vibrant sector of animal agriculture; and
  • that there is a simple and obvious solution -- a properly regulated industry
Beyond the report itself, the International Equine Business Association has provided a full gamut of background information and supporting documentation to help anyone lacking direct knowledge of the equine industry to provide them with a full understanding of the issue. The full Table of Contents is listed below. 
jan swan wood photo
Jan Swan Wood photo with caption "A group of horses being held back by the fence, just as the horse business has been held back by the slaughter ban in recent months," in recent Tri-State Livestock News article.

Table of Contents


Americans Eat Horses. 5


Horse Slaughter is Humane, and Horse meat is Safe, Nutritious, Affordable, and Delicious.5


The Tragic Loss of Value. 12


The Simple and Obvious Solution.15


Works Cited. 17


Linked to Documents. 20


International Equine Business Association. 32


IEBA Overview. 33


Equine Traceability and Drug Testing Protocols. 36


Humane Handling for Horses at Processing. 50


Slaughter Horse Transport. 52


Background Information. 53


The Fundamental Truth of Animal Agriculture. 54


Introduction. 54


The Basics of Animal Agriculture. 55


Horrific Unintended Consequences. 59


The Problem with Wild Horses. 60


Valuable Asset to Expensive Liabilities. 61


Abhorrence of Horse Meat is a Cultural Phenomenon. 62


Criminalization of Horse Meat is a Radical Imposition on Liberty. 63


Summary. 64


Fundamental Legal Problem with Horse Slaughter Prevention Bills. 67


There is a Thriving Worldwide Market for Horse Meat. 68


Official report of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. 69


Moral, Cultural, Food Quality, and Food Safety Concerns in Horse Meat. 70


Citations. 71


The Truth About Horses - A Brief History. 72


Tribes. 76


National Tribal Horse Coalition Letter. 77


Yakama Letter. 79


Tribal Horses. 81


Policy Resolutions. 84


National Congress of American Indians - Resolution. 85


State Agriculture and Rural Leaders - Resolution on Reasonable Regulation of Equine Processing. 87


National Association of Counties - Policy Platform.. 88


Policy Position of the American Association of Equine Practitioners in regards to Horse Processing. 89


Facts and Answers to Frequently Asked Questions. 90


FACTS Refuting Anti-agriculture, Anti-horse Slaughter Activist Rhetoric. 91


Unified Equine - Facts. 97


Unified Equine - Frequently Asked Questions:98


The Truth About Kaufman, Texas, and the Dallas Crown Horse Plant. 103


Euthanasia Facts. 104

About International Equine Business Association

The purpose of the Association is to serve as a production agriculture association for the equine species, to mutually protect the international horse industry, and to promote the use of horses and equine products in commercial enterprises. The International Equine Business Association is formed to serve the horse businesses and families of the World by protecting their economic, legislative, regulatory, judicial, environmental, custom and cultural interests. The Association promotes the role of the horse industry in resource stewardship, animal care, and in the production of high-quality, safe, nutritious meat, and other products. 

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