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The mission of the American Writers Museum Foundation is to establish the first national museum in the United States dedicated to engaging the public in celebrating American writers and exploring their influence on our history, our identity, our culture and our daily lives.

AWM (Fountain Pen)

"The idea of an American Writers Museum seems to me long overdue.
-W.S. Merwin, former U.S. Poet Laureate

Concept PlanAWM's Preliminary Concept Plan Captures Attention

The American Writers Museum Foundation has published its preliminary Concept Plan, detailing the museum's design and focus. The plan has received attention from several news outlets, including The Christian Science Monitor, The New Yorker and The Paris Review. A series of brainstorming charettes, held in Chicago, Boston and New York, aided in the plan's development. The 28-page document includes plans for themed exhibits, author galleries, a theater, an education center and social gathering spaces.


We would like to thank all who have shared comments and made suggestions about the concept plan. One of our favorite comments about the plan comes from Vice Chairman of the Newseum Shelby Coffey: "It's very nicely done and I hope it brings the success that you -- and the writers -- so richly deserve," Mr. Coffey said. "We cheer for you at the Newseum."


We invite you to review the plan for yourself on our website. Please visit http://www.americanwritersmuseum.org/about/concept-plan/ and provide your feedback.

AWM Foundation Receives Grant from The Chicago Community Trust

The American Writers Museum Foundation has received a grant from The Chicago Community Trust. The grant will permit the Foundation to move forward with formal feasibility studies conducted by independent consulting firms in four distinct areas: funding, visitor engagement, site analysis and economic sustainability. For 97 years, The Chicago Community Trust has made grants available to organizations working to improve metropolitan Chicago. The grant is an important step forward in the AWM Foundation's efforts to establish the nation's first museum for American writers. 


planLibrary of Congress Opens Books That Shaped America Exhibition

The Library of Congress kicked off its multi-year Celebration of the Book with an exhibition entitled Books That Shaped America. Curators and experts from the Library of Congress helped compile a list of titles for Books That Shaped America. The list, which spans from 1750 to 2002, includes titles that have provoked both discussion and controversy in U.S. history. The exhibit features many rare editions from the Library's Rare Book and Special Collections Division.


Books That Shaped America will be on view through September 29 in the Southwest Gallery of the Thomas Jefferson Building. You may also view the list of selections online at the Library of Congress website: http://myloc.gov/exhibitions/books-that-shaped-america/pages/default.aspx. 

AWM's First Online Exhibit Draws Global Response

AWM's first online exhibition, Power of the Word: Leaders, Readers & Writers, is open 24/7. Readers from across the country and around the world have visited the exhibit and contributed to the Readers gallery, joining the 39 writers who provided their reading recommendations for foreign leaders. Responses range from classic novels to poems to bestsellers. The exhibit is an important milestone for the American Writers Museum. Power of the Word has not only helped get the word out about the Museum but has also given readers a chance to participate in its development. See reader responses here and upload your own response.  See a list of the 39 American writers who participated in the exhibit here.

We want your input! Tell us what you would like to see in our next online exhibit at http://www.americanwritersmuseum.org/contact/.


AWM Foundation Comments on Chicago Cultural Plan

The City of Chicago's Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (DCASE) has published a draft of the Chicago Cultural Plan 2012 for viewing by the public. In a series of citywide planning meetings, stakeholders and Chicago residents will be able to submit their comments about the plan. The American Writers Museum Foundation is involved in the plan development process and will be submitting detailed recommendations. 


A Busy Summer at the AWM Offices

This summer, the American Writers Museum was fortunate enough to have seven interns working on research, writing and development for the museum. Special thanks to our hard-working interns, all students at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. From left to right: Samantha Marshall, Ravenna Komar, Rebecca Moore, Linda Cui, Johanna Bakmas and Jessica Chace. (Josh Cowan not pictured.)   


AWM Contest: Famous Literary Feuds. Enter to Win!  

Question: H.G. Wells wrote that this American author's novels were "like a church lit, but without a congregation to distract you, and with every light and line focused on a high altar, and on the altar, very reverently placed, intensely there, is a dead kitten, an eggshell, a bit of string..."


Send your answers via email (with "AWM Contest" in the subject line and your answers in the email message) to general@americanwritersmuseum.org. Remember to include your name and contact information. We'll have a drawing of all those who submit the correct answers and the winner of the drawing will receive $25.

Partner Profile: Council of Literary Magazines and Presses

The Council of Literary Magazines and Presses (CLMP) provides services to independent publishers of American fiction, poetry and prose. CLMP offers its members an array of benefits, including promotional tools, vendor discounts and how-to guides. By helping literary magazines through the publishing process, CLMP ensures that print culture remains an active and vital part of our everyday lives. Discover more at  http://www.clmp.org/.  


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