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CPI News Brief                  Volume 1 Issue 2 * August 2012

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FIT: Co-Occuring Disorders in Adolescents
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The Center for Practice Innovation's (CPI) primary goals are to promote the widespread availability of mental health evidence-based practices in New York State, promote innovations related to emerging promising practices, cultural adaptations and organizational change approaches and to create informational and educational resources for the general public as well as users and providers of mental health services.

New Focus on Integrated Treatment Online Module: Co-Occurring Disorders in Adolescents

The Center for Practice Innovations, in partnership with the OMH Division of Children & Family Services and OASAS, is pleased to announce the release of an additional 30-minute Focus on Integrated Treatment (FIT) online training module, "Co-Occurring Disorders in Adolescents". This module focuses on treating adolescents with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders.  


The 30-minute module features video clips of youth, families and practitioners, interactive exercises, and links to helpful resources, including other relevant FIT modules.  It pinpoints a number of key issues:

  • Principles of youth treatment,
  • Unique challenges to identifying, assessing, and treating co-occurring disorders in adolescents,
  • Working with families of adolescents with co-occurring disorders,
  • Process for screening and assessment of co-occurring disorders in adolescents, and
  • Evidence-based treatments for adolescents with co-occurring disorders. 

"Co-Occurring Disorders in Adolescents" is now available free of charge to practitioners in NYS agencies and programs that are enrolled in CPI's learning management system ("CPI Learning Community") through FIT initiative.   If you work for a program that is not yet enrolled in FIT, please ask your team leader to go to: http://practiceinnovations.org/, click on "Quick Links" on the top bar and choose "How to Join the FIT initiative", and then scroll down to complete a brief online application.